AllRangeMode - PS4 Thoughts from Fans of Other Consoles

On Season 2 Episode 7 of the All Range Mode podcast, the boys have a chat over the PS4 reveal. What excites us, where our allegiance lies post reveal.
We stand upon the brink of change, come share your thoughts on the state of gaming.

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TheLyonKing1850d ago

As a fan of the PS2 I think it is sounding good ;)

Canary1850d ago

As a fan of the PS2, I'm thinking it sounds bad.

It was bad enough that Sony made us re-buy digital copies of PS2 games on the PS3 instead of bother with software emulation; it's so much worse with the PS4 where they want us to re-buy the digital copies--or, worse, pay them money to stream digital content we already own.

As a fan of the PS2, I'm thinking it sounds bad.
As a fan of the PS1, I'm thinking it sounds bad.
As a fan of the PS3, I'm thinking it sounds bad.
As a fan of the PSP, I'm thinking it sounds bad.
As a fan of the Vita, I'm thinking it sounds bad.

Sony has managed to do the impossible with the Playstation 4: handle digital distribution even worse than Nintendo.

amiga-man1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

why rebuy PS3 games for PS4? your Ps3 will still work just fine once the PS4 is released you know.

to be frank if thats the biggest fault you can find with the PS4 it really shows what a good job Sony are doing.

Vitalogy1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

You've made your point but the reason (in my opinion) sony removed B/C from ps3, I still have one 60Gb launch ps3, wasn't to reduce it's production costs but because they saw a milking cow there hence the digital ps1, ps2, psp games on the store.

I think you don't need to be an Einstein to get that and unfortunately the same will happen with PS4 and the Gaikai service. Though the guy said "play for free and buy only if you like the game" we all know that to play the game for free you'll most likely have to pay a month/year fee for the service.

koehler831850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

While I completely agree that a complete lack of backward compatibility is bogus, I also understand that at this point a complete reboot of the brand is not only necessary, it's unavoidable. (Let's not forget that it was Sony that invented the concept of console backward compatibility and tried to maintain it until this very generation. Some credit is due, I believe.)

I haven't decided yet, whether I want a PS4 (many questions need answers before I can make that decision). I do know that it will never replace my original PS3, capable of playing PS1, PS2 and PS3/PSN titles.

It's up to Sony to convince me that the product can stand on its own and warrant a place under my television without the crutch of legacy software to bolster its library.

KwietStorm1850d ago

Nobody made you do anything, and nobody even knows how the streaming will work yet. So, chill out with the whistle blowing.

TechnicianTed1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )


'Let's not forget that it was Sony that invented the concept of console backward compatibility'

No that would be Atari, with the Atari 7800.

koehler831850d ago


Ha. Touche.

Of course.. someone had to actually buy a 7800 in order to play 2600 carts on it but touche nonetheless.

CaulkSlap1849d ago

Backwards compatibility just isn't feasible with the hardware architecture being so different for each generation. Personally I'd love to buy a $700 mega Playstation that has every chip inside of it but that's just not marketable.

Emulation for disc games as a fan service would certainly be nice but I don't really expect it considering it makes them no profit and has to be harder to do than a reworked download. Honestly now days I'd rather own old games in a digital form that can be played on multiple platforms anyways.

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T21850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

dbl post

T21850d ago

I traded in my launch ps3 for one with a bigger hdd ... BC is good in theory but I never played outdated games once the ps3 library grew .. My advice is keep your ps3 if you need to play old games ... Plus if bc adds to cost of production count me out

CaulkSlap1849d ago

As a fan of all consoles (except Nintendo's latest abomination) and an avid PC gamer, I'm extremely excited about the PS4. I think people are really underestimating the implications of APU architecture in a dedicated console. The raw specs may not appear much more than an upper mid-range PC, but the unified design and high bandwidth may be allow developers to get far more out of it that you would expect. With the 8GB GDDR5 I think about the only thing holding developers back will be making enough content to fill these game worlds.

In the end it just made sense to reboot under modern PC architecture. Makes the PS4 potentially the base platform for all multiplat game development like the 360 sort of became this gen. Tons of available PC games for porting just to get things started. And as always we'll see top notch first party games from Sony so there's really no concern there.

Nintendo is floundering (well deserved) and Microsoft doesn't appear to be preparing anything groundbreaking (KineXtBox?). The only way Sony can screw it up from here is a really poor launch and failing to get a game library built up quickly.