Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2 Review | Nerdluster

Nerdluster: Gaijin went out on a limb bringing Commander Video and pals to this brave new world. Crafting new 3D looks, characters and elements while pacing it with a soundtrack created by new team members is a testament to their vision and planning. I didn't encounter a single bug in my play-through, the game did however tax my 2 year-old MacBook Pro pretty severely. On My PC I was able to play equally well on the keyboard and an Xbox 360 controller. Gaijin says the game was meant to use with a controller but assigning a finger to a particular task is easier on a keyboard in my opinion. Playing Runner 2 makes me smile as Unkle Dill does his best impression of a Silly Walk. The energy of each dynamic song resonates in my ears and through my fingers warming my heart. Well worth the time & money.

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