Nvidia Hitches Ride to Future on Android Games After PS4

Nvidia Chief Executive Officer Jen-Hsun Huang figures that players have already left the living room.

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NewMonday1518d ago

jokes on you Huang

we never were in the living room

it's called a basement (or a full option home theater :p)

jk :)

chaos-lockheart1517d ago

Basement pss, I have a command center.

nukeitall1517d ago

psft, I have a castle in the sky!

Dude4201517d ago

Damn you guys! I only have a cave :(

Wintersun6161517d ago

I have a command center, in a castle in the sky, in a cardboard box!

Mr_cheese1517d ago

i miss the days when everybody had it in the bedroom :(

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Arai1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

More like sour, nVidia shield is probably gonna bomb.
And none of the 3 console manufacturers went with nVidia this time around.
Simply because they sell overpriced stuff and/or other reasons.

AMD won big time in this aspect and from the looks of it they are delivering the goods.
Home console gaming is here to stay, when one generation ends the next generation of gamers enters the scene.

Pandamobile1518d ago

Well, AMD needed the console contracts a lot more than Nvidia did. AMD's PC CPU and GPU sales are fledgling compared to Intel's CPUs and Nvidia's GPUs. Plus Nvidia has Tegra which is pretty competitive in the mobile market.

Baka-akaB1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

AMD sold 25.43 million, leaving it with 21.2%. That leaves NVIDIA with 22.25 million, or 18.5%. And of course Intel above both with a share of 59.8%.

Whie on a massive rise , Nivdia is still behind amd in yearly gpu sales . What changes everything like you said is of course the tegra division .

Still i agree with others that they are being petulant and sour . They certainly did want those consoles contracts , but lost them .

solidboss071517d ago

Yeah, well AMD say "hello" from my living room. ha ha.

hiredhelp1517d ago

AMD sais hello from me and sais hello from my Coolermaster H.A.F. X
Tressfx and yes its good for my hair too.

Gaming Evolved

Feralkitsune1517d ago

Tressfx is a DX11 feature, it works on Nvidia cards as well. Sorry to disappoint you.

hiredhelp1517d ago

Why should i be disappointed buddy I have the compantable card that crystal dynamics and AMD have specified.
If Nvidia can use this too great so point was..

KwietStorm1517d ago

As I sit here on my couch.

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