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Destructoid: "Runner2 feels like a very natural progression for the series. The team at Gaijin Games has crafted a more nuanced and impressive follow-up to what was great title in its own right. Avant-garde but with a healthy respect for the past, Runner2 is a marvelous rhythmic platformer that just about anyone should be able to enjoy."

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deafdani1969d ago

Awwww... this game is KILLER. And I mean KILLER, I downloaded it for my Wii U and am having an absolute blast with it so far; it's leaps and bounds better than Bit.Trip Runner (the first game), plays great and looks great.

The various reviews that turned up on N4G have nothing but praise for this game, yet everyone seems to be overlooking it. This makes me incredibly sad.

Come on, people! Give it a try!