Why I’m Thankful That Connor Won’t Return in Assassin’s Creed IV

"The recent detail leak about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed IV has made a few things clear, first and foremost the new setting and most importantly the new lead character."

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jc485732091d ago

I kinda feel the same way. This character doesn't work? move on the next one.

Root2091d ago

They havent really moved onto the next one though have's basicaly a AC3 prequel, not a sequel.

Theres no leap like what we saw with AC2 to AC3.

I mean Connor isn't in this one but he's still part of Haytham and Edward. So they havent really moved on

They should of set AC4 in London or Japan.

SideShort2091d ago

Yeah, I'd totally pass on the London concept.

Npugz72091d ago

Connor was the worst assassins character by far! Anything is better than him in my opinion!

jeeves862091d ago

You could play the entire game as Desmond. Would that be better?

Chris5582091d ago Show
SaffronCurse2091d ago

Connor sucked, hope he never makes an appearance in this franchise again.

shivvy242091d ago

i liked connor but yea his story felt like it concluded with AC3

ArcanaEX2091d ago

Hold up, you guys are comparing Conner to Ezio, Altair? You can't do that! I loved Conner, I hated Revalations! So boring! Ezio was good in Brotherhood Because it was all about the creed, after that Revaluations just flipped the script. And im sure the next Assassin would be shit too, Admit it if you didn't play assassin's creed 3 you be scratching your head play AC4 going were the fuck is Desmond
So shut up and stop complaining you ignorant pricks.

TekoIie2091d ago

Riiiiight lets pretend that brilliant scene at the end of Revelations didnt happen...

Revelations has so far been the only Assassins creed to have a great all round story.

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The story is too old to be commented.