UK Weekly Chart, Ending 23rd Feb 2013


1: PS3 - 9,846 (-14%)
2: X360 - 9,059 (-13%)
3: 3DS - 5,471 (-16%)
4: Wii - 1,850 (-17%)
5: WiiU - 1,790 (-10%)
6: PSV - 1,541 (-12%)
7: DS - 1,053 (-20%)
8: PSP - 206 (-6%)

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TheLyonKing1942d ago

pS3 beat xbox in the UK kudos though was close.

Though not a big market so it doesn't really matter.

Dylila1942d ago

wii u sales are abysmal in the uk and nintendo should litterally stop sales of the wii u here. its expected when they havent released any game for over three months.

TheLyonKing1942d ago

there is 70million people in the UK only maybe 50 million could buy a console and probably only 20 million are aware of consoles. UK is tiny so I wouldn't look at wii u sales and make a judgement based on UK sales

khowat1942d ago

Eh if it's still selling why pull it, yeah 10k in sales is fantastically horrible but I see no reason for them to just give up

nintendoland1942d ago

Dylia: Yeah well my console sold at least 8k more units in uk than your...

Me: SHUT THE **** up you ignorant ****ing dickhole! What the **** is wrong with you? ;(

ElectricKaibutsu1941d ago

Yeah, Nintendo should stop selling the Wii U so they'll sell more Wii Us... wait, what?

I don't think people are buying Wii Us instead of Vitas, if that's what you're hoping, Dylila.

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omi25p1942d ago

I thought VGChartz was biased..

CommonSenseGamer1942d ago

Same thing as the Vita I guess.

G20WLY1942d ago

And what would you guess that to be?

MasterCornholio1942d ago

No meaningful games?

Im sure it will get better though once Nintendo launches a Zelda game.

animegamingnerd1942d ago

but from the janurary direct sounds like it won't being coming for at least a couple years but hopefully the wind waker remake will do something

mcstorm1942d ago

Nothing is up the Wiiu its self its the games that are out at the moment on the ps3 a d 360 as well as what other people own. For example in the UK we love fifa and most people who buy fifa they get it on the same console as there mates to play each other online the same with cod.

The other thing is the price. The ps3 is £179 the 360 is £249 with 2 games and the Wiiu is 3
£329 for the basic console. So looking at that people who are buying consoles so late into this gen are not gamers and will pickup a bargain in the 360 or ps3.

On zavvi the ps4 is Down as £399 now if this is the right price and Microsoft make the next Xbox £250 to £399 and Nintendo start to bundle with Wiiu with games as it will of been out a year alot of people will look at the Wiiu over the other two and because the next gen consoles are out people will be able to make up there mind on which console they want next.

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microgenius1941d ago

wow ps3 leading in an anglo saxon country
looks like sony is on roll and when sony is on roll rain of AAA begins to fall