2013 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to February 16th

Worldwide Hardware YTD:

1: 3DS - 1,451,689
2: PS3 - 1,163,048
3: X360 - 767,581
4: WiiU - 345,292
5: Wii - 297,996
6: PSP - 269,514
7: PSV - 238,881
8: DS - 180,453

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TheLyonKing2112d ago

I really shouldn't care about numbers especially numbers that aren't 100% accurate and even more so cause we are at the end of a generation but the ps3 is still chugging over a 1 million units in 2 months.

Dylila2112d ago ShowReplies(1)
charted2112d ago

Sony/PS3 is selling pretty strong, at the end of its cycle. They have just caught up to XBOX and maybe taken them over .. at the end of their cycles. So well done.

Let the battle begin between the new consoles already!!

Omni-Tool2112d ago

PS3 still has another 3 or so years under its belt and will still have games developed for it as well as the PS4 for a little longer. Microsoft will most likely kick 360 to the curb when the 720 is released.

charted2112d ago


When the next gen begins are we still gonna talk about PS3 vs XBOX360?

I haven't heard a comparison between PS2 vs XBOX after 3 and 360 was released.

PS2 was supported yes, but we as gamers didnt give a toss about them.

It'll happen this new gen too.

Evil-snuggles2112d ago

Actually ps3 has sold 1,000,000 and a half more consoles than 360 xbox worldwide and that is not counting all the red ring xboxs 360 im on my third xbox 360 my first 1 xbox 360 red ringed me my 2 the disk drive broke i barely played it xbox 360 quality is a nightmare im still on my first ps3

HammadTheBeast2112d ago


There was no comparison between PS2/Xbox, PS2 completely dominated and crushed the Xbox.

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user39158002112d ago

The only good news here its that the PSP its outselling the vita, go PSP go.

nintendoland2112d ago


This is what fanboy is. See like/dislike ratio. Majority of this site are sony fanboys. That's a fact.

Karpetburnz2111d ago

Dont you think theres a reason why so many people love PS3? Its because its so damn good.

cant wait for the PS4

JackBNimble2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

When I first join n4g if you were a ps3 fan you were distroyed. N4G was all about the 360 and how shitty the ps3 was... that was in 2007. Times have changed , the shoe is on the other foot ... sorry about your luck nintendoland.

SilentNegotiator2111d ago

You're not exactly in a position to talk. I don't care what the ratios are, that doesn't excuse being a fanboy, even a minority one.

boldstarr2111d ago


Its so good that i will have a PS4 tattoo tomorrow

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Shnazzyone2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

I will say, 3ds deserves its rank. God damn, I love that system.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

lol the core gamer system is #2 in the world!! My faith in humanity +300. The world want's the last of us not yoga.

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Moonman2112d ago

Nothing to see here: Nintendo and Sony selling all the hardware as usual. :)

HammadTheBeast2112d ago

Nice to see Vita sales picking up a bit.

NastyLeftHook02112d ago

PS3 - 1,163,048
3: X360 - 767,581


darthv722112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

not so much wow as if you look at the years they have been roughly 400k between each other. 2010 was closer to 500k between them but the other years was roughly 400k or less.

with the ps4 announcement comes the risk that sales will decline in preparation of those who will hold off and wait.

Or it could be that sony will cut the price to spur sales in light of the recent announcement. In either case we can see that there are 'possibly' more people letting go of the one console stigma and buying the other to have in addition to their initial system.

It can go with 360 only fans are starting to buy PS3 and PS3 only fans are starting to buy 360. Both have their pro and con but both are worth having.

CBaoth2112d ago

Coincide with the Last of Us dropping the following Tuesday. Makes sense. With GOW, TLOU, Beyond and perhaps GT6 still set to release on PS3 (as well as Destiny and Diablo 3), it's clear to me Sony intends an dual platform approach.

Twinzclipz2112d ago

i dont care about 360 because i Dont like Halo/Gears/FMS/AW or FABLE

nypifisel2111d ago

People who initially will buy a PS4 have had a PS3 for several years, it wont affect the sales of PS3 that much to be honest!

Samus HD2112d ago

Not that "wow"
But sony is doing very Well, huh.. I think it´s going to outsell even PS4 when it will be released

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Prodigy-X2112d ago

You won't be saying that after E3.

Roper3162112d ago

that is ever gamers favorite line I think, but very rarely is anything different after E3 imho. I think Vita will take off once the PS4 lands but that is just me & a thought which in the real world means nothing.

TongkatAli2112d ago

I agree with him and I'm a Vita fanboy. It should be number 1. Look how the Gameboy started it all and then look at the Vita. It's a fing epic godsend of a portable system, but most gamers are too cheap to own it.

3DS ain't got nothing but sales on it. If Nintendo made the Vita I would be up their ass too.

AdvanceWarsSgt2112d ago

So the 3DS doesn't have good games?

At least you admit to being a Vita/Sony fanboy. Doesn't make the implication any less stupid though.

squarecircle2111d ago

It's not about being cheap, have you forgotten we are in a serious recession?
Also I think peoples interests are on the next gen consoles, I know I would rather save up for a PS4 than a Vita at this point in time.

Bumpmapping2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Good numbers for 3DS/PS3.

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