Will The Next Generation Console Race Be Closer Than Expected?

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte writes about the next generation consoles and gives his own analysis of whether or not it could be a closer than it was this generation. "Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday we were just waiting in line to get a brand new console and fun games to play on our Wiis, Xbox, or PlayStation 3′s? But, alas the next generation of video game consoles is almost upon us. It is almost inevitable that Microsoft will announce new video game consoles sooner or later. Sony just announced the PlayStation 4 last week and the hype has already risen."

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TheLyonKing1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

I think it will be a wider gap than it was this gen.

Both consoles are looking to release the same time so we will get a better representation of what console is "winning".

I know people are always going on about sales don't matter and blah blah but I really find it exciting to see sales numbers between two rival companies as it spurs them on to get the upper hand.

Omni-Tool1908d ago

I agree for the most part but I also can see where Microsoft could pull something out that will keep them in the race. PS4 seems to be in the lead as far as tech and features go. Microsoft has yet to reveal next gen console though. It will be interesting to see how far or how close these next gen consoles will be as far as sales go.

MikeMyers1908d ago

I too think it will be very close again unless Microsoft does something out of the ordinary like an always online system. Nintendo really seems to be having issues getting traction. I think consumers are either apprehensive waiting to see how the PS4 and Xbox turn out or they haven't been able to get those casual gamers back. Either way Nintendo will be releasing new hardware before the other two the generation after this one.

-GametimeUK-1908d ago

I think it is going to be about as tight as it is now. Obviously it is just pure speculation, but I see a lot of brand loyalty towards Xbox. Its weird how many of my casual gaming friends wont touch the PS3 because they have their 360, CoD and Fifa. It's all they need! I would think a majority of console owners are actually like this and only need 1 or 2 games. Xbox live is what won them over, but lets hope Sony can pull back my friends next gen.

-Alpha1908d ago

Of course, that mindset exists on PlayStation too, though Xbox seems to have more social influence of friends/XBL.

I think, in terms of sales, the Kinect is the kicker here that can keep MS close to Sony. If the U.S market eats up Kinect 2.0, and the XBox as an entertainment hub, MS can continue to hold favour in the U.S. There is an audience of Wii owners that havent jumped to Wii U and are more likely to prefer MS's appeal.

The other thing I see MS really doing is launching cheaper, and with money-hatted exclusivity to games like GTA, COD, etc. If they can pull that off, then that can definitely win over significant consumers.

-GametimeUK-1908d ago

Yes, I agree that Kinect is the main thing to watch out for. Sony can match and surpass LIVE (for me it already has, but for my friends it hasn't), but they don't seem to be focused as much on the cauals as the Xbox 360 has been. Great for us gamers and those who want an all round console. I do fear the Xbox brand is swaying to casual side a bit too much for my liking.

Its all on MS now and we will see what direction they decide to go in.

unchartedxplorer1908d ago

There is though a huge casual market on xbox. Millions of people who are currently on xbox used to be on playstation. The millions of people who had ps2's flocked over to xbox in the years 2005-2008. So most of the xbox's player aren't as loyal as you think.

WeedyOne1908d ago

Its funny that xbox live is what won your friends over.

Xbox live is exactly what i hate about xbox, you shouldnt have to pay for something like xbox live.

I still have an xbox but it was Halo that won me over, but now Halo 4 doesnt even support FFA gametypes so i dont even play Halo anymore :(

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Qrphe1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

I'd say more than ever each console is trying to bring a unique experience that the competitor can't offer unlike previous generations. You have Microsoft going with Kinect and their own TV services, Sony with social and streaming features, and Nintendo with asymmetric gameplay.

The market has changed and companies can't solely rely on just offering a simple videogaming console now that even the mobile video game market can offer to the masses.

WeedyOne1908d ago

Seems like sony is covering all the bases though. I mean they now have a kinect like camera and integration with vita makes it possible to make games playable almost like the wiiU.

Makes me wonder if we might see some multiplatform kinect games or wiiU games... its a slim chance but is possible with the tech playstation4/eye/vita will have.

mcstorm1908d ago

I think it will be close between all 3 this gen. I have said for along time I expect there only to be a few million between the best selling and lowest selling console. I think this will be as it looks like Nintendo will now get 3rd party support. I also think the market has changed alto in the last 7 years and I think all 3 will be going after the core and none core which again I think will be split between the 3.

I will still own all 3 as I have always owned most consoles on each gen but I think they will all offer good 3rd party support and amazing 1st party support.

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EVILDEAD3601908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

It's be close as in MS can excell in NA. Sony can destroy Japan. Europe will be the way it is with UK giving love to MS as much as Sony and Sony selling in territories that MS might never reach.

Sony will sell more hardware, MS will sell more software of most of the big games.


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ichimaru1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Lets hope it's closer. competition drives innovation, price drops and puts creativity to the test. it also helps players identify themselves with their brand favorites, and pour into the evolution of gaming via positive or negative feedback. I hope this gen's race is the closest we get, so all the big players are clocking overtime. No rest in innovation

MYSTERIO3601908d ago

If the recent rumours of the nextboxes spec are to believed and MS does end up blocking used games i think there will be only one ''must buy'' console in Sonys PS4. The gap between the two might be a large one.

GribbleGrunger1908d ago

No ... I expect it to be close.

Anon19741908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

I don't know. The Wii-U doesn't have the Wii mojo going for it and, let's face it, it was word of mouth and buzz with the casual's that skyrocketed the Wii into the stratosphere. The Wii was an instant success, and it's safe to say we can already rule out some sort of miraculous rise for the Wii-U. Wii-U numbers in it's first 3 months are roughly half that of the Wii's initial numbers. At this point, consumers aren't going for it. I'm sure it will ultimately be fine, but even at this early stage with Nintendo cutting the Wii-U forecasts, it seems reasonable that we're not going to see a repeat of the Wii's success.

So where does that leave us? The PS4 or the next Xbox? If the Wii-U isn't doing it for casuals and is unable to generate the buzz needed to turn your average consumers head, will it be the PS4 or the Next Xbox? Now, bear in mind I'm talking the average consumers here who know nothing about what's going on. Not the minority of "in the know" gamers because, let's face it, if we ruled the gaming world the Wii wouldn't have been nearly as popular. We're a minority.

So, what will draw in the average consumer? Price will be a major factor, as well as some "hook" to catch attention like the Wii-mote and Kinect scored. Then there's worldwide brand recognition. The 360 owned North America but was unable to gain much traction abroad. With the Wii-U not lighting any fires, will the casual crowd globally jump onboard the Microsoft bandwagon suddenly or return back to Sony's waiting arms? Or, will they just sit this one out and get their gaming fix from their tablets?

As we saw with the Wii's (and PS2) success, the casuals will make or break a console and as we've witnessed, to them the specs don't matter. As the article mentioned, price and innovation is what counts.

I think before launch, Sony could do with some sort of SackBoy/LittleBigPlanet world like Home that the kids can play in - maybe free to play or something with tonnes of expansion and mini-games that cater to different ages. Rope in the casuals with that and core gamers can focus on their core games. Just throwing ideas out there. From what we've seen so far, the PS4 doesn't really seem to have that "hook" that will lure casuals like the Wii did. Simply having games that appeal to casuals simply isn't enough anymore, and I don't know that the social side of things Sony is focusing on will be enough.

Microsoft hit it out of the park with Kinect but we've seen it now. I don't think the average consumer is going to throw money at the next xbox just because it has a new Kinect. Microsoft's savvy. They'll be considering their a hook, but I can't think of anything in their existing arsenal they can leverage to really grab the casuals attention like Kinect did. I'm be interested to see what they come up with.

So casuals don't seem to want the Wii-U. Where will they turn? Anyone have any thoughts as to what MS and Sony could potentially do to rope the Nintendo cast-offs in? Or what Nintendo could do to remind people they have a new console? Just tossing Mario games out there wasn't the answer for the Gamecube, it won't be for the Wii-U either. How do they adjust their message to entice the casuals to take down their dusty Wii's and replace them with a Wii-U's? How do they get the message across that the Wii-U isn't just an addon for the Wii?

rainslacker1908d ago

The thing is, casuals move at their own pace. The Wii was the only system I know that became a must have item. It had that same sense among casuals that a new iPhone or iPad have among Apple fans.

Casuals can't really be roped in as you suggest because they will just get around to thing when they feel that it is the right time, or through impulse buys, which is why Apple's store is so successful...the price is right. Even the Wii wasn't priced as high as a new console, and was comparative to the PS2 at the time, but offered accessibility which was their hook.

New consoles aren't going to be impulse buys. I can't comment on MS because I have no clue what they are really going to try and achieve. However with Sony, the whole social media aspect is a huge thing. There is no denying the effects that social media outlets such as facebook or twitter have brought to the way people behave, or how it influences their buying habits. Just look at how many companies(big and small) have a "Like us on Facebook" or whatever. When more people start seeing their friends posting the things they're doing on PS, it will become more interesting for them, and in a way rope them in for the long term.

I also don't think any console is going to try and win the "war" in the first year. Sony and Nintendo(and likely MS), are going to be building a ecosystem that will be for drawing people in and used to build brand loyalty for the long term. Nintendo's social outlet is rather insular to Nintendo, with a bit of outside interaction, MS has Live to build on with their Windows ecosystem(which is quite popular), and Sony is looking to be integrated heavily with the largest social ecosystem in the world, and will no doubt expand to others as time goes by.

While I'm not big on the whole social aspects of new consoles, because I see it doing little in terms of making game play better, this whole shift is a brilliant move from a marketing standpoint. It has the potential to get more people playing games, and opens up our hobby to more people as it becomes less a kid's club, and more a socially acceptable past time.

Moonman1908d ago

I expect it to only be close in the USA. Worldwide PS4 will lead 720. Nintendo and PS4 will be close by the end.

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