Majority of MMO players transvestites

Nottingham Trent University has conducted a study, being published in US journal CyberPsychology and Behavior, which reveals that a mammoth 70% of female players use male characters, while a surprisingly high 54% of male players have female avatars.

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JsonHenry3370d ago

Maybe the guys prefer looking at a female characters ass instead of a man's ass?

solar3370d ago

when i played CoH more than half my toons were girls, as short as they could be made. i dunno why. maybe cuz i liked looking at a female cartoon run better than a male one.

rofldings3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

If you're gonna spend a thousand hours playing a game, might as well be looking a female ass the entire time..

Skerj3370d ago

Hah I never got it until my friend put it that way a few years ago and I was like "ahhh". I once saw a dude hit on a chick in FFXI, who told the first guy he was a guy using a female char and the first guy still didn't give up.

ThatArtGuy3370d ago

Now you know why ladies use male avatars.


RecSpec3370d ago

I'm also guessing it's an insurance plan for some guys when the REAL girl dumps him.

Tarmgar3370d ago

it's true. A lot of guys play female characters. I know because I used to play WoW. I asked one of my friends why he chose to be a female night elf, and he said "I didn't, I accidentally picked it" Yeah....sure.

Proxy3370d ago

Your friend should have given rofldings' answer above, no shame in that!

hgdaniel3370d ago

Misleading title. I wouldn't have been surprised though. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.