New Xbox, your only Box?

Xbox isn't just for hardcore gamers anymore. It's the center of a whole entertainment ecosystem that goes way beyond the living room. Music, movies, social and games converge and become accessible across any device, anywhere, and that's just the beginning. We are revolutionizing entertainment right now.

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TheLyonKing1942d ago

thing is both consoles (ps4 and nextbox) will be trying to say we are the console that does everything we are for your living room.

But I have sky and a laptop so I got TV and internet straight away. I am still pretty much a retro gamer. I only play offline i rarely come on I like to have my single player maybe multiplayer (split screen) action and then move on.

I understand gamers want more choice and consoles need to appeal to bigger audience but honestly I am not fussed what it can do outside of playing games.

3-4-51941d ago

I'm eventually getting a Wii U just because of certain Nintendo exclusive games.

Not sure about PS4 vs Xbox720.

For the first time ever I'm hoping the xbox is similar to the PS4. PS$ impressed me more than I thought.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1942d ago

Interesting the pictures it shows, and the one that it doesn't show. All I know is it shows they either have their eyes, or mind on gaming, and Kinect will be used to speak to... a lot. Maybe like Siri. Looks like we'll have email, sharing videos/capture videos, music... all sorts of stuff. I like it. I like that there looks to be some sort of playing on your pc your xbox game, then playing it on your console when you get home, or vice versa, or on your phone and so on.

ichimaru1942d ago

I wish these comapnies would be a bit more in touch with thier userbase. I don't recall anyone actually asking to have FB integrated with thier UI or Cable on thier Dashboard. We all Own a PC(thats why we have Live\PSN) and we all own Cable....thats why we, you know, have a TV to play games on. Stop trying to sell us something twice just because smartphones have success in the area. the Appeal with a phone is it's mobility. not impressed with FB from my livingroom

xPhearR3dx1941d ago

Uhhh, not everyone who owns a PS3/360 has Cable + PC just because they have internet and a TV. I know quite a few people who don't actually. So for those people, having an internet browser is useful on consoles. Having cable could also be using to certain people. I don't think it will apply to the masses like MS may think, but some people will be glad this is an option for them. Assuming MS goes through with it.

solidboss071941d ago

Well none of us know exactly what Nextbox and PS4 will deliver as entertainment hubs. But we can look at our current consoles. PS3 has all the entertainment facilities and capabilities you need currently, the best games. free online gaming. superior and beautiful movie playback in digital, DVD, BluRay, and streamed formats. superior audio output. many music playback and photo album options, built in Wi-Fi and a HDD in every box. DTV recorder plug in. ability to interface with your Desktop ect. The list goes on and on.
The Xbox 360 is great, but really, it can't even play a DVD properly. I could spend £9.99 at Asda and get a better movie watching experience. The Nextbox will need to do better for my money.
Talk, or text, is cheap. For the next gen I look at the superior PS3 and I trust Sony to deliver with Playstation 4.
I believe The Nextbox will be good, if I look at the capable 360, just not good enough to beat the best in my eyes.

Perjoss1941d ago

Both the nextbox and ps4 are day1 for me. As was the WiiU, i guess i just love new gaming tech and i love to play games.

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The story is too old to be commented.