“iPad has just begun to impact PC sales” Says Analyst

GamerFitNation: PC gamers out there might feel like they are a master race of gamers and rightfully so. When you compare current generation games with their PC counterparts the differences are alarming to say the least. Games look better, run faster, and for the most part have more features that can be done with mod tools and hacks. However are PC (Mac and PC) sales being cannibalized by the Ipad?

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MooseWI1964d ago

Tablets are hitting the market a little harder than those tiny 6" laptop things that were out years ago ha. I just can't replace my gaming with these games.

Killabites1964d ago

No ipad or tablets will replace my laptop or pc.

aquamala1964d ago

it cannibalizes general purpose PCs and laptops people use for email, web browsing ,etc. that really has nothing to do with gaming PCs.

2pacalypsenow1964d ago

I will never game on tablets controls are horrible

chrispseuphoria1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I really hope iOS doesn't kill gaming as we know it.

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