Ten Games That Destroy Friendships

Cooperative play with a friend is a gaming favorite, but even that can be surpassed by some good-old-fashioned co-opetition. Sure, it’s fun to work toward a common goal, but it’s much more entertaining to smack your friend off a cliff into a pit of spikes, pound their fighter into the dust, or watch as your infantry lays waste to their base. Here are ten games that encourage competition so thoroughly that even the best of friends will end up plotting against one another

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MooseWI1789d ago

Have had my fair share of arguments in Borderlands over who gets what guns and what not.

Black-Rock-Shooter1789d ago

lolz even the list cant fit all of them xD

-GametimeUK-1789d ago

Portal 2 almost destroys my relationship with my GF every time we play it haha
Mario Kart and the old Smackdown games really got heated with me and my friends.

The big hitters are MMO's. The loot arguments are brilliant haha!

violents1788d ago

No N64 goldeneye? Weak! That game caused fights at my house.

Who remembers hearing, "no oddjob" and "stop guarding the body armor"? Ha classic.

kma2k1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

this is one of many reasons why i dont line to play online multiplayer or online co-op ill stick to single player & be a loner :)

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