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Worth Playing: "Aliens: Colonial Marines is both disappointing and sad. The plot plays out like a bad fan-made film with unintentionally bad acting and ties to familiar things because it didn't have any original ideas. The gameplay feels dated and out of step with the evolution of the shooter. Bugs are rampant throughout the title, and the game lacks a level of polish that was expected during the first year of this console generation. There's a sliver of hope in the multiplayer modes, but it's difficult for players to want to give it a shot. While a few gamers will squeeze some fun from this title, most players shouldn't bother with this title unless they've played every other game in every other genre and still have time to kill and a few bucks to spare for a rental."

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zerocrossing1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

I think 4/10 is being too generous.

I don't mean to be critical but I honestly couldn't find a single saving grace for A:CM, it's the worst game Ive played this gen, granted I try to avoid the crap that gets shovelled out as best I can but given the state of the current games industry that's easier said than done.

A:CM isn't just a bad game its a terrible disappointment and the fact that it tries to tie into the Aliens canon is borderline insulting, multiplayer may keep some distracted from the throw back graphics and awkwardly implemented game mechanics but eventually you'll have you ask the question, "Why? With so many better games out there, why Im I still playing this offensive steaming pile of dog shite

Irishguy951995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Game is 5-6/10 to me. Massively underrated. 1-3/10 is unplayable. Which it clearly isn't. It even has some enjoyable moments in it, like the entire Pretorian part.

If you don't want to play this below average game because there are better games then that's fine. But at least be subjective about it. Disappointing doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the game either. Nor does it raping the cannon of the story.

Don't judge it based on what it isn't.

I wouldn't recommend this game ever...because it's not good enough to play today when other high class shooters are out. The story is meh. The gameplay is below average too. The best things about it is shooting mechanics and firing a pulse rifle.

zerocrossing1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Underrated? Well that's entirely debatable, personally I see no reason to give the game a free pass, broken promises/mechanics and gameplay contributed to a sub par experience for me.

1/10 is unplayable, 2/10 - 3/10 is just for games that are playable but are so bad they actually make you want to stop playing IMO, so going by that A:CM is at least a 2-3/10 IMO.

I'll admit the added disappointment from actually looking forward to this game contributes a little to my scoring of it. Honestly though, the only reason I even started caring was because of that fake demo.

But even disregarding the hype, if you actually have to (try) and find a bright side to a game then something is messed up, we know A:CM was mishandled so I see no reason to sugar coat it, if anything being overly critical will ensure this kind of thing doesn't happen again or at the very least a bit less often.

MysticStrummer1995d ago

"why Im I still playing this"?

Because it's still more fun to shoot these aliens than to shoot other aliens and generic soldiers. I've enjoyed A:CM quite a bit, enough to finish the campaign three times. I think 4/10 is too low by 2 or 3 points. I didn't let expectations kill my fun like most people did. *shrug*