Tomb Raider gets first Patch ahead of Release

Tomb Raider receives a first patch ahead of his release next week.

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LOLOLOLOLOL..........shut up!

CustardTrout1964d ago

The fact we don't know what it does, shows the guy who wrote this article is lazy - at least try to figure it out...

t0mmyb0y1964d ago

If the developers don't say what they did, how can anyone possibly know. Maybe you're lazy.

CustardTrout1964d ago

They would at least get a reply, by not publishing that it shows they haven't tried. Even a stock email...
And yes I'm lazy, but that has little to do with it.
I also like to touch myself over pictures of dead cats.

Darth Stewie1964d ago

I hope day 1 patches are not common next gen because i'm sick of putting the disc in only to see a new patch is already waiting for you.

Lucreto1964d ago

Would you rather the game be delayed for a few more weeks so they can fix bugs or what they are going now continue to fix bugs while the game is being printed.

Darth Stewie1963d ago

No i rather they release a game done properly than releasing it with the thought process of oh we can always patch it later. You are a perfect example of gamers being alright with day 1 patches rather than wanting a game just being done right.

SaturdayNightBeaver1964d ago

"Tomb Raider gets first Patch ahead of Release"

LOL this is the stupidest thing i ever seen!!