‘Dragon’s Crown’ release date possibly revealed for PS3 and Vita

The release date may have been revealed by an online retailer for the upcoming Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita role-playing game, “Dragon’s Crown.”

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Trenta271848d ago

I'm more excited for this game then anything coming to Vita right now.

baldulf1848d ago

Just an Amazon placeholder date. The game is far from finished yet.

Godchild10201848d ago

While it is a place holder the date is not to far out there to not be real. The game was revealed in 2011, so that means it was in development before then. 2012 was when Atlus got the publishing rights, but the developer stayed the same. So, I don't think development got pushed back that far. It was scheduled to have a spring 2012 release, so a summer release for 2013 is not really out of the question, even if it is just one region.

profgerbik1848d ago

Reminds me of Dungeon Fighter Online

knifefight1848d ago

The best friggin' duo in the industry!

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