Why I’m Sceptical About The Playstation 4

Carl Daniel of writes:
The Playstation 4 sounds amazing right? On paper Sony’s upcoming console seems like a dream come true for both gamers and developers alike. The system boasts a “Supercharged” PC architecture, high-end specs, aspirational cloud features and promises to make up for all of the PS3’s shortcomings. However, despite being a huge Playstation fan I’m still not ready to cast my PS3 aside and embrace Sony’s vision of the future and here are a few reason why;

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Next Gen systems aren't competing with each other, they're competing with the 360 and PS3

madjedi1997d ago

No they are competing with each other, the ps3 and 360 are preparing future ps4 and 720 owners to jump to the next generation.

1st yr or 2 are the hardcore guys, then yr 3-4 the mid gen adopters come, finally the late guys at yr 5 or 6.

The people buying one at launch already have a ps3/360 they don't need another one.

The $199 market wouldn't even be interested in a next gen console yet.

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