Silent Hill: Revelation vs. Silent Hill 3: A visual comparison (gallery)

How closely does Silent Hill: Revelation follow the story and settings of Silent Hill 3?

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barefootgamer1965d ago

I haven't seen Revelation yet. Somehow, I feel it'll be disappointing.

bakagaijin781965d ago

You are correct in your assumption. I'm a big fan of the series & I really liked the first movie, but Revelations was plain bad. It looked to me like it was filmed in a one-room studio against a blue-screen & the effects were just painfully cheesy. The script was equally bad.

Kalowest1965d ago

The first movie was great, it was one of the best movie adaptions for a game. How the hell did they screw the sequel? The only thing they had to do is improve on the first movie.

wita1965d ago

My god, this movie was bad. I caught all the references excerpt for the red shoe! I was wondering what the hell that was about.

SybaRat1965d ago

After reading this, I feel like I have seen the movie at its very best.

darkronin2291965d ago

Such a shame the way the movie turned out. I really liked the first one, too.

JeffGrubb1965d ago

I don't want these movies, so from these pictures it looks kind of cool -- at least how they relate back to the games.

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