Should Fans be Compensated for GTA V Delay?

With the delay to GTA V's much anticipated release (1) should fans be compensated; and (2) in what way?

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Wuket1822d ago

I think we could expect some fresh info a bit quicker, but that's about it!

MooseWI1822d ago

I agree, release some information or gameplay to get people to stay excited. Games get delayed all the time but money compensated? I don't think so..

Wuket1822d ago

Yeah they've been pretty quiet of late... I dunno how they were ever going to make the Spring release anyway!

Enemy1821d ago

Lol @ "compensated" like we're entitled and Rockstar should pay for rightfully delaying a game that needed a little extra work. Serious business, folks.

guitarded771821d ago

We need reparations for what R* has done to our people!!! \s

1821d ago
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LackTrue4K1821d ago

i think it got pushed back cuz they want it on the ps4 and the new xbox....and there adjusting to them.
i cant see GTA5 not being on next gen consoles.

JackBNimble1821d ago

I am hoping for the samething.

KaBaW1821d ago

I'd rather they just have released current gen GTA5, first.
Then afterwards work on porting to the next gen consoles.

3-4-51821d ago

TC at gtacheats is a bit self entitled I think.

Killabites1822d ago

I lost intrest in GTA V dont know why?

fermcr1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

I agree. I'm still interested in GTA5, but I'm not as exited i was 6 months back... don't know why. It just doesn't have the same appeal. I must be getting old.

EDIT: No, it's not because of the PS4 (or next Xbox). I read the articles about the game and some of the stories ... and from what i read, i lost some of the interest in the game.

HammadTheBeast1821d ago

Because PS4. I've lost interest in a bunch of games cause of it.

torchic1821d ago

I can hardly turn my PS3 on anymore. I will get out of this funk but man PS4 has me hooked.

it doesn't help that I was never a fan of the current generation of consoles.

crimsonfox1821d ago

Because you're a fool!
OT: This is a stupid question. And whoever thought this was a question worth writing an article about needs to choose a different profession and stop wasting people's time. Sorry I just hate people who feel they are entitled to things like this.

omi25p1821d ago

its still easily my most wanted game.

I still play GTA IV all the time.

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knifefight1821d ago

They'll be compensated by having a more polished, more complete game that isn't some crappy glitchfest like a Bethesda game. I like that Rockstar is taking care to make sure they put out a quality product. That is my compensation.

MikeMyers1821d ago

Exactly. If the game was broken and they kept delaying a fix that might be a different story but games get delayed all the time.

Stunt1821d ago

Fans are already being compensated with a better polished game. Or did you want a buggy product?

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