God of War Ascension Demo Complete Play Through presents a 30 minute video looking at the entirety of the recently released God of War Ascension demo.

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TheEnigma3131998d ago

It's amazing how the ps3 can still push out these type of visuals. Sony definitely made this console future proof.

BX811998d ago

It looks great but it wasn't better than gow3. Or maybe it's been a while since i've looked at gow3. Either way the demo is bad ass and so will be the game. I can't wait.

fei-hung1998d ago

I just started playing GoW3 again recently and there are a few better textures but nothing drastic in terms of a jump from GoW2 to GoW3. However, the 30min demo I played blew my socks off. I didnt know how they were going to top the GoW3 beginning and yet they did it.

Gameplay is more fun as you have more moves d can string together more combos, the entire sliding section was mega fun and something new to the series and the ongoig boss battle was awesome.

The 15th of March in the UK cannot come soon enough!

BX811996d ago

That's what I figured, maybe small tweeks. Hell it still looks great. I didn't finish the whole demo. I broke down and downloaded it. Usually I like to skip out and play the whole game. From what I played so far, I can say that I feel like I missed out on some great games in the gow series. I played partial one of the psp games and GOW3. Santa Monica studios is great, my hats off to them.

Mouktouk1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I really loved the demo. Beautiful, sweet gameplay additions and spectacular. I can't wait to get my hands on the full game.

SDF Repellent1996d ago

Played the demo. Great game and nice graphics. Getting this game in March with Bioshock Infinite, Judgement and Tomb Raider. Great month for gaming.