That’s So Cliché: Party Edition (Part 2)

"Well, I’ll tell you one thing that confuses the hell outta me: Why is it that when a party member leaves for a while, they come back far more buff than when they left? I mean, seriously, you lose a Level 10 elf mage so that she can tend to her ill mother, and then they come back into the plot a few hours later, and they’re suddenly Level 20! Was that elf-mage pumpin’ some iron while putting Polysporin on her mama’s hemmorhoids? Did she say, “Hark! I shall return, Mother, to deliver thy Benadryl, but first I must defeat about a thousand forest goblins to keep my strength up, lest my travel colleagues cross my path again!” It’s nice that I don’t have to grind that character myself, but how was it done? Why was I forced to grunt and groan for hours on the same forest trail while some oaf who can’t stick around gets a free ride?" - GameCola

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