The Playstation 4 And What It Has To Offer

Kaz Hirai may have swiftly responded to the public demand of a PlayStation 4 announcement by saying “Why launch first when other companies can copy our tech and specs?”, but PS4's announcement completely contradicted that last week when Sony finally unveiled to the world what their plans were for the future of their hardware.

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miyamoto1849d ago

these is no contradiction to Kaz statement.
No console was even seen nor launched.

FACTUAL evidence1849d ago

I hope that ps4 has one button notifications, voice messaging, and a psn ID change feature. Please sony these features are way over due.

zerocrossing1849d ago

Sony moving before MS was in no way a bad move, they have great 1st party titles and do arguably better than MS when it comes to 3rd party support.

The PS4 is in no way in any danger and Im quite certain that will be even more apparent come E3 2013.

CaulkSlap1848d ago

I think they were pretty forthcoming about the tech because they know they've got Microsoft beat. Get that out there asap because MS will have a hard time hyping hardware that's slightly worse in most categories.

As for games, we just got a taste. Probably hear a lot more at E3 and hopefully see the final box in action. I'm really hoping they port Planetside 2 (SOE game) as a launch title. That would do more to steal the XBL FPS fanbase than anything Sony could release later on.

zerocrossing1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

MS has pretty much fallen of my radar tbh, they had some great IP's when the original Xbox launched and they continued that trend during the 1st few years of the 360's release.

But now what do they have? I don't really care to play Halo or Gears anymore and I buy most of my 3rd party games for my PS3 (Ive always had a preference for Sony, over MS at least) and I don't have to pay to play online.

If MS cant prove their still relevant to the core market that only leaves them with the MS loyalists and casual gamers, but Nintendo pretty much has dominance over the casual gaming seen so unless Kinect 2 really hits the ground running (but honestly that's hardly likely) I don't really see what MS can do without going all out hardcore and acquiring more IP's that have appeal beyond the bro fist shooters.

supremacy1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Off topic i hope the psn includes voice messaging, video messaging. Dont mind if there are lengh caps in place, so long as these features make it in the final build. Tabs under your profile picture for voice, text, and video messaging would be great additions and add to the overall social experience.

Another thing i would love to see would be like a universal rank system associated and determined by trophy levels. For example every 10 levels users earn a rank name and medal or symbol that represent that specific rank reached; which is then associated with their psn id.

For example, level 1 would be something like beginner or rookie, then it moves up from there. ofcourse Sony wouldn't have to do much since all it is, is a simple extension of the trophy system already in place. The more trophies earned, the higher the level, the greater the rank is.

This would add another dimension and also serve as an incentive. I dont know what do you guys think?

eferreira1849d ago

Yoshida already confirmed cross game chat. I hope video and voice messages too

supremacy1849d ago

cross game chat is one thing, voice messaging is another if you will. All i am saying is i hope this is something thats included in the final build; you already have a headset being bundle with every unit.

Voice chat isnt supposed to be limited to gaming sessions and i know they understand that.

As for my other ideas concerning ranking system, is pretty cool when you consider how and why this would motivate more users to earn trophies. Again, its just a suggestion of mines.

airgangstarr1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

i agree with the voice messaging i mean yea psn is free but its crap compared to xbox an for me is what makes more enjoyable hanging with 8 of ur friends in a party chat having girls send u pics with voice attached an not having to type every message to me if ps4 doesnt upgrade there online experience does it really matter how powerful the sytem is... for all of u die hard ps players the online is lacking an why i prefer xbox period

T21849d ago

Getting a little sick of authors crying about features they wont use but this article is actually pretty good/,well rounded .. At least he doesnt say " im boycott ps4 bcuz stoopid share button im never use" Sadly ive seen other articles say almost exactly that.

GribbleGrunger1849d ago

If Sony are smart they'll have some revelations ready the day of Microsoft's reveal, with plenty held back for E3.

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