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Ian Fisher writes: Opting not to re-invent the series into something it isn’t, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time instead takes a few side paths that lead to a game which feels a bit muddled and unfocused compared to past installments in the series. The new element of providing gameplay variety in the form of Sly’s descendants is nice, though it ultimately doesn’t add much since the game feels very linear and not as skillful as the series once was. Developer Sanzaru Games has done a nice job of continuing the work they started in the Sly Collection in retaining the vibe originally created by Sucker Punch, but if we’re lucky to receive another Sly game I hope they stick to the basics instead of throwing in half a dozen elements that don’t work well together.

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ziggurcat1993d ago

oh come on, now... this game was better than a 6.

BoNeSaW231993d ago

Linear really? NO.

You choose when to advance the story by doing the mission but you can choose any of the 4-5 characters before a mission and look for clue bottles, gather sly mask, race treasures back to your hideout, play table tennis, explore the level with your costumes and ancestors, unlock the arcade machine on every level and replay any level. That's just to naming a few :)