Why Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 Isn't Coming To Wii U

Konami has explained why Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 isn't coming to the Wii U.

Producer Dave Cox told Eurogamer there aren't enough resources or budget available to create a Wii U port of the upcoming PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 action game this late in the development cycle.

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MooseWI1996d ago

Had a few friends that didn't enjoy the first but I am really looking forward to the second one, would of been cool to see what they do with the Wii U controller though.

Dylila1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

i know why but people like to pretend. its like people being in denial about the wii u being next gen, playing semantical games about wii u being a next generation nintendo console. listen, we all know that when people say next gen anything they arent reffering to having a product that is exactly like a lot of use are useto but a next generation of the best of what is available. think of the iphone 4 and the iphone 4s. the iphone 4s is an upgrade but not a massive upgrade to what was the best. saying wii u isnt next gen is not a disrespect either and i dont understand some people getting upset over it. wii u is a good console but it isnt powerful enough to support technology of my needs but the fans love it so yay, hurray 1.21 gigawatts of power to them.

a few rational thoughts of a lack of these major third party games on the wii u are that wii u doesnt have the install base, and it wont sell well on wii u. some people like to hold dear to their heart the notion that wii u launch as better than the xbox and ps3 over 7 years ago ignoring the fact that the wii u launched in all territories last year while the ps3 and xbox didnt launch in all territories the same time. also the consoles cost more and was short of stock.

nintendo needs to drop the price of the wii u drastically and it needs a lot of games. people seem to think that the wii u can survive till the major nintendo exclusives are released at years end but things will only get worst then. sure nintendo will sell exclusive titles but to the fans that already bought the system when it lacks games meaning they are the diehard.

when ps4 and xbox 720 is here they will be getting a lot of exclusives and majority third party games that will not be on wii u getting all the spotlight. the more of the positives for the next gen consoles like getting 90 percent of third party games the worse it gets for the wii u as more developers avoids it in favour of the more core or hardcore crowd. to get momentum the wii u needs a massive price drop and games now and a lot of them .

Godmars2901996d ago

The thing that ruins your comment: this isn't a "next gen" game. Its coming out on PC/360/PS3. Its C-U-R-R-E-N-T.

I expect the WiiU will be thoroughly spanked by the PS4 and next Xbox when they get some actual titles, but for now its doing fairly alright.

zerocrossing1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

My word, you do some pretty impressive mental gymnastics to try and avoid the fact that the Wii U IS a next gen console, don't you?.

Wasting my breath here with you I know, but Im going to explain to you very simply just why that is.

"next gen" refers to a console that incorporates technology that was previously unavailable, it in no way refers to a graphical leap since improved tech implies "better graphics" its a bloody given that games on newer home consoles will look better, it shouldn't be the main freaking selling point! Not when the new tech would allow for new and interesting game mechanics and methods of play.

Wii U is superior to previous Nintendo consoles therefore it is Nintendo's next gen console, it doesn't need to be on the same level as the competition it just needs to employ advances that the previous consoles didn't have.

It's as simple as that, not that I expect to put an end to your trolling but Im setting your spreading of misinformation straight.

MasterCornholio1996d ago

Um the game is coming to the 360 and the PS3. So it isnt coming to the Wii U due to it being an underpowered next gen console. A more likely explanation for this is that the Wii U has a pretty minute install base plus developers are unsure of its future due to its current level of sales.

But once Nintendo manages to sell more Wii Us im pretty sure they will get more 3rd party support.

phantomexe1996d ago

surprise surprise your down too one bubble. I'm so proud of the n4g community today. Hate to say i told you so games dylila not the consoles.

Deku-Johnny1996d ago

This is why you only have one bubble.

BullyMangler1996d ago

ha haa . hey fan-girl . .who in their rite mind is gonna read your essay of confusion and enviousness ?

nintendoland1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

you are the worst fanboy ever

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darthv721996d ago

why they didnt release a Metal Gear Rebirth game like they did with Contra, Gradius and Castlevania on the Wiiware service.

That would surely have been a nostalgic hit with all the NES/Metal Gear fans (myself included).

Donnieboi1996d ago

Wii U "might" be Nintendo's next console (and by some delusion fanboyism, that somehow equates to being "next gen"), but Wii U is not next gen by TECHNOLOGICAL standards. So, call it next gen all you want, but all I ever see is Wii U being compared to current gen tech. When REAL next gen begins (large Teraflops of computation and 8 gigs of RAM) then very soon those systems limited by current gen tech (or comparable to current the Wii U) will be left behind. Actually, the PS3 and 360 will still get some love for maybe 2 more years, since they have a combined userbase of 140 million people. But Wii U does not have a huge install base at all, and even though ps4's base will be small at first too, it's technology will cause developers to use resources towards PS3 and 720. When we're talking about these mammoth consoles, it's not long until the slow Wii U and it's hinderances on memory make it obsolete in the eyes of developers.

Also, if next gen is ONLY defined by the timeline in which a device/console is released, instead of being based on whether or not it's technology can compete against it's competition, then by those mindless, delusional standards then I guess Ouya is also "next gen" just as much as Wii U would apparently be. But everyone knows that Ouya's TECHNOLOGY doesn't qualify as next gen when compared to ps4 and 720. So, by deduction the same reasoning behind Ouya's shortcomings in the next gen race apply to Wii U.

Deku-Johnny1996d ago

The reason the Wii U is compared to 7th gen consoles instead of 8th gen consoles is because it's the only 8th gen console that is on the market as we speak. I'm sure the 360 was compared to 6th gen console back in 2005.

The fact is there is only one thing that qualifies a console as in a particular generation and that is when it is released. The Wii U was released after the 7th gen so it is an 8th gen console. There is no 'real' next gen.

The Steambox and Ouya no matter how powerful they are will be 8th gen as they are being released after the 8th gen has begun. By your standards if the 720 was as powerful as the Atari 2600 would that mean the 720 would be a 2nd gen console?

Donnieboi1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Deku johnny misses the point entirely. Who cares if you call it next gen or not. The point is that the TECHNOLOGY is not next gen. And technology determines whether or not 3rd parties develop for it. Why? Because of ports. Why would a team of devs decide to make a special weakened version of their ps4/720 ports, when that would cost MORE money due to the fact that the Wii U will need special focus (it has less RAM, a lot less) so that is one reason companies don't want to waste time making a special dumbied down version for Wii U. Nintendo should have future-proofed their console. Also, on top of all of this, 3rd parties are selling TERRIBLY on Wii U. Even if more Wii U's are sold, the ratio between 1st and 3rd party purchases has no evidence to suggest that it will rise. More money lost for devs and time wasted.

There's no convincing a blind fan. But the reality is that Nintendo should have future proofed the Wii U. NOT because graphics are that important, but because the TYPES of games that a strong system filled with 8 gigs of RAM can make, will be astounding. We will be seeing huge games with thousands of players online at that once without a graphical compromise, we'll see destructable environments, hundreds of npcs, infinite draw distance, massive worlds, the ability to run more than one game at same time, and so much. It's what the games can do, not just graphics, that will leave Wii U and it's limited hardware, lack of direction, lack of games, 3rd party support, lack of former wii casuals jumping aboard, low sales having, weak online infrastucture, kid-centric (rather than games for all ages).

What the hell people gonna do when they buy mario kart and wanna play with friends and family at home? Buy another $100+ Wii U controller? Even Nintendo's reputation as a party game maker is at jeopardy because nobody wants to buy more controllers. That money is better spent on a future proof console that has a focus for all types of gamers in the household. And Wii U was a twitch reaction by Iwata with nothing to offer gamers other than it's own reliance on the Nintendo name.

BlackWolf1996d ago

Well, they are not saying it's impossible to bring the game to Wii U inthe future. It's better if they finish the game on the other platforms, and then plan the Wii U version. Anyways, this game will rock!!

DEATHxTHExKIDx1996d ago

if someone has a wiiU they probably have a PS3 or 360 also. Just get it on one of those. Either way this game is gonna be badass and im very excited.

leahcim1996d ago

The spanish Castlevania was a pleasent surprise for me, such a great game seriously!

KwietStorm1996d ago

The Spanish Castlevania?

Analcarnage1996d ago

it was made by spaniards (eu)

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