4 Reasons Why Game Cleavage Works

I’ve heard a lot of complaining lately that Catwoman was too slutty looking in Arkham City, surprisingly from men as well as women. Allow me to present you a counter argument of 4 reasons why cleavage is indeed a needed and crucial element in the gaming world.

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Godmars2901843d ago

Meh. I'll buy that for a dollar.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

@ Godmars "Funny"
I keep waiting for that TV show to be created.

- Not really caring about video game cleavage specifically- Like any 3D rendered object or objects- it does take skill to make it look real.

Specially, something that most guys are experts at judging. (I guess maybe women too).

Maybe a third party developer should create Middle-Ware with this specific focus?

Omni-Tool1843d ago

Bustline-ware? Sounds legit.

cyguration1842d ago


BustX Toolset?

Kevin ButIer1842d ago

Achieved with BustEngine 3

egidem1843d ago

There are no reasons why it works. It just works.

guitarded771842d ago

No, there are two reasons why it works ;)

maniacmayhem1843d ago

I think cleavage works in any situation.

BlindMango1842d ago

Your avatar seems strangely appropriate for your comment, lol

Killzoner991843d ago

I love cleavage a lot in my games. I think if your a mature gamer you should be able to have full nudity or sex in games if you want. That's definitely where gaming is headed and I love it.

Godmars2901843d ago

Yeah, but then you get people still in their underwear after implied sex in ME.

N0S3LFESTEEM1842d ago

Press X to thrust... pants are off. Poker face :|

cyguration1842d ago

...and this folks is the kind of comment you get after someone has played one too many Hentai RPGs.

SpiralTear1843d ago

I think this story was tagged in too many system sections. I mean, "retro"? Please...

*plays Metroid*

...I stand corrected.

deafdani1843d ago

I agree with the article. Catwoman's cleavage alone was the reason I bought Arkham City for Xbox 360 instead of Wii U. I love me some boobies. <3

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The story is too old to be commented.