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4 Reasons Why Game Cleavage Works

I’ve heard a lot of complaining lately that Catwoman was too slutty looking in Arkham City, surprisingly from men as well as women. Allow me to present you a counter argument of 4 reasons why cleavage is indeed a needed and crucial element in the gaming world. (3DS, Android, Arcade, Casual games, Culture, Dev, GameCube, Industry, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, Next-Gen, Nintendo DS, PC, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Retro, Tech, Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Godmars290  +   571d ago
Meh. I'll buy that for a dollar.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   571d ago
@ Godmars "Funny"
I keep waiting for that TV show to be created.

- Not really caring about video game cleavage specifically- Like any 3D rendered object or objects- it does take skill to make it look real.

Specially, something that most guys are experts at judging. (I guess maybe women too).

Maybe a third party developer should create Middle-Ware with this specific focus?
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Omni-Tool  +   571d ago
Bustline-ware? Sounds legit.
cyguration  +   571d ago

BustX Toolset?
Kevin ButIer  +   571d ago
Achieved with BustEngine 3
egidem  +   571d ago
There are no reasons why it works. It just works.
guitarded77  +   570d ago
No, there are two reasons why it works ;)
maniacmayhem  +   571d ago
I think cleavage works in any situation.
BlindMango  +   571d ago
Your avatar seems strangely appropriate for your comment, lol
Killzoner99  +   571d ago
I love cleavage a lot in my games. I think if your a mature gamer you should be able to have full nudity or sex in games if you want. That's definitely where gaming is headed and I love it.
Godmars290  +   571d ago
Yeah, but then you get people still in their underwear after implied sex in ME.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   571d ago
Press X to thrust... pants are off. Poker face :|
cyguration  +   571d ago
...and this folks is the kind of comment you get after someone has played one too many Hentai RPGs.
SpiralTear  +   571d ago
I think this story was tagged in too many system sections. I mean, "retro"? Please...

*plays Metroid*

...I stand corrected.
deafdani  +   571d ago
I agree with the article. Catwoman's cleavage alone was the reason I bought Arkham City for Xbox 360 instead of Wii U. I love me some boobies. <3
zen_hydra  +   571d ago
I have yet to see a character in a video game that didn't look and move like it was made out of plastic.

How long will it be before we see cg breasts that don't look like they are full-to-bursting with silicone?

I would also love to see female characters with actual human proportions.
bunt-custardly  +   571d ago
"How long will it be before we see cg breasts that don't look like they are full-to-bursting with silicone? "

Correction, full-to-bursting with milk
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   571d ago
I agree with you real proportions are a must.
Also, it would be great if Video game people were not all the same. Different types of women and men body types.

It's the same way with Cartoons and Comics- all of the artist just keep recreating the same body-types.
It's cheaper and it makes the process easier but it would be nice to see more variation.

Which is why I proposed Special Middle-Ware.
kreate  +   570d ago
'How long will it be before we see cg breasts that don't look like they are full-to-bursting with silicone?'

This partially has to do with corporations fearing the reaction of the general public. If it looks too real, hilary clinton will make a statement that video games are for children, thus it doesnt need real nude or sex.
Darrius Cole  +   570d ago
%#@K That.

"How long will it be before we see cg breasts that don't look like they are full-to-bursting with silicone?"

Why would I want to see real looking breasts in video game? I can see real looking breasts in real life. I can see female characters with actual human proportions in real life. Why would I want the male characters to be scrawny or fat? Most men look like that in real life, even the ones who were the picture of fitness when they were young.

Nowadays it seems the only men and women who invest the time to really be fit and beautiful are the ones who trade on it. We could all be that fit and that beautiful but the truth is we don't it that much, we don't do as well as we could. I don't want to pay for a fantasy where everybody is flying that low.

I my video games I want to see the fantastical ideal. I want all the female characters to have legs that are long but not skinny, and full but not fat. I want each one to have a narrow waste that is perfectly flat, and has no fat or bulging muscles either. I want all of them to have breasts that are bigger than their head. I want them all to have faces that are proportionate to whatever dimensions the scientists and artist have discover are most perfectly consistent with feminine beauty.

I want the male hero to rescue the damsel in distress, kill all the bad guys in dominate fashion, save the world and then go him and &)@# the prom queen, or the princess, as long as she isn't fat. I would prefer that the male hero look like I do, except that he should the amount of muscle, that I could not develop without working out 24/7 and taking HGH. Even though he's got all those muscles, he should blindingly fast, from long distance and short distance, able to win the 100 meters and the marathon.

In short video games are fake. I want them to be the kind of fantasy that I couldn't get in real life. I get real life from reality.
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Crazay  +   571d ago
way to perpetuate the age old idea of gamers being young undersexed pimply faced virgins whose last encounter with the private parts of a woman was when they were shat out of one.
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   571d ago

I would say good point but then I look @ your Avatar and I wonder if you're serious...


Actually- I don't have a issue with your Avatar or your comment- I was trying to be funny.

You made sense regardless of your avatar.
I just did not know if you were really playing the irony card or not.
Good comments.
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Crazay  +   571d ago
HAHAHA! I know right. That's just for my own personal entertainment and has been my avatar for years on many different boards.

She's really purty though right? LOL

I actually don't have an issue with it, I just find it funny that the first point says gamers don't get enough sex in their lives further making it seem like we all have a bottle of jergens and tissue paper within arms reach should the mood catch us due to the scantily clad women in games.
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contradictory  +   571d ago
breasts and butts are answer to everything
a well known fact
kesvalk  +   571d ago
"with cleavage all over the place"

uhhh... how exactly does that work? i thought cleavage were bust-specific...
SpinalRemains138  +   571d ago
"Isaac! Look @ my giant space breasts. Aren't they great? Look, i'm purposefully sticking them in your face and wearing small clothing in order to force them to spill out."

This is what I heard whenever I played Dead Space 3. The game def lost points for that. I love breasts, but I don't need to get a cheap boob shot during a videogame. Have some class, guys.
Filthcardia  +   571d ago
Way to perpetuate a stereotype. This "article" is purely trash.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   571d ago

Why are we sitting around worried about Stereo-types when anyone who has watched TV- Seen a Movie- Knows that the other industries use Breast/"Sex(y)" to make you watch their products too.

At least video games are fake people- but they have actresses playing cops that show cleavage tops.

If Gamers are horny-creeps, I don't know what to call the other industries-

Heck, even the NEWS people sometimes show Cleavage Or stories that have scantily clad females.

And then their is real life walking down the street in the summer.

Stop letting them stereo-type you... when the whole world's horny (male and female >see Lifetime).

LOL -how did I get on this Soap Box? ;)
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wiseper   571d ago | Spam
KillrateOmega  +   571d ago
There is actually only one reason why it works: It's cleavage.

Nuff said.
dj3boud  +   571d ago
site down

edit: back :D
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HenryT87  +   570d ago
5.The temperature for this entry
Games4ever  +   570d ago
Lot of complaining that Catwoman was too slutty looking in Arkham City?? WTF.!

It's laughable:) I’ll get my coat
MrDead  +   570d ago
"1. Most gamers are men and they don’t get enough sex"

Even if you're a non gaming man you don't get enough sex, as a man the only time you are getting enough sex is when you’re having sex.
plaZeHD  +   570d ago
Gaming community = pathetic
ThichQuangDuck  +   570d ago
Horny Friday= Clevage articles at the top of N4G

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