Study: 4.6 Percent Of Developers Making Wii U Games

Game Developers Conference organizers today released the results of its first annual "State of the Industry" study, revealing a burgeoning independent scene and a hurting Nintendo.

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PSVita1963d ago

That's rough but hope they get more support.

N4g_null1963d ago

This proves the game industry is moving to pc development. The ps4 and Xbox next are looking like net books with more graphical power. We are about to see direct ports possibly happen for pc. This is what ms got into gaming for... It's was to keep a stranglehold on pc gaming. We are right at the door now. Ms reveal is going to be way more telling.

Nintendo is going to be forced to go Nes mode like they did with the wii now. I'm really curious to see who will come running back to a real console once they get a glimpse of how pc gamers operate.

Sony is without their trump card... Aka a new format to push and ms has been readying their console. It could very well be a surface like device with a i5 in it running the new game version of win 8?!!

Every one is in wait and see mode. It's a very interesting time to be making games now.

It is so crazy how the wiiu is capable now yet hardly any talent in our industry can use it. Yet this is a UK article and I'm sure indies will enjoy the free market. Nintendo doesn't need to lower the console price they should lower the dev kit price or offer a trade, one game of a certain quality and the kit is free!

Let the others get their crytek on or try and make the next award driven "game" while the new kids on the block get their notch on.

I can just see the ET moment coming...

Blackdeath_6631963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

i think it just proves one of the following (or all of the following)
A] that releasing a console in an awkward period of time between previous gen and next gen is a bad idea like the dreamcast for example.
B] releasing a console with unattractive specs makes it less likely that devs will develop for your console or
C] releasing a console with a lacklustre games library and little support after release makes it less likely for people to buy it.

all nintendo can do now is to do what they have been doing for years and provide the nintendo games that the company is famed for like zelda/mario and whatever else it is that nintendo fans play however their attempt at reaching out to the core gamer wasn't as successful as it could have been. not all doom and gloom though, bayonetta to look forward to if you have bought a wiiu

ElectricKaibutsu1963d ago

Erm, this title is a bit misleading.

The article says 4.6% of developers are CURRENTLY developing a Wii U game and 6.4% are planning to release their next game on Wii U. I don't know if those overlap or not. If not, that's 11%. Also 11% of developers said they're next game will be released on the PS4 and 720.

The survey is a little vague, but the Wii U seems to have more support than the title suggests.

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3-4-51963d ago

Nintendo not receiving 3rd Party Support is the reason they have come up with some really cool ideas for games.

They could use the help though.

psoomah1963d ago

Thank heavens they're about to break into the 2x,xxx global weekly sales territory, that'll bring the developers a flocking to the door.

zeldafreak4041963d ago

damn nintendo is a beast despite them being downed by devs snd managing to still make sells i just hope the wiiu starts doing better soon btw i know everone alwats wants a new zelda but i want a sequel to super metroid

t0mmyb0y1962d ago

Where could they have possible pulled this number SMH.

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Thatguy-3101963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Folks Nintendo is back to their N64/Gamecube days. I think they'll get to the 40 million mark by the end of this Gen like they did with the n64. Nintendo can't survive well without third party support and even if it has the most recognizable Ip's they could only do so much with them.

MooseWI1963d ago

I guess we will find out.

MacDonagh1963d ago

They haven't had support since the SNES days. And yet here they are. They are still here. If Nintendo ever do decide to cease making consoles; it will be a sad day for gaming.

zebramocha1963d ago

@Mac regardless of specs,games are the reason a person purchases a console and nintendo haven't really produce a new ip in a while.

chadboban1963d ago


How long is "a while" to you?

LAWSON721963d ago

Disagrees! Nintendo has done more for the industry than sony and ms ever have. Nintendo is the essence of innovation in the gaming industry.

Deku-Johnny1963d ago

@LAWSON72, until the day Sony or MS single handedly save the console industry like Nintendo did back in the 80's then Nintendo will have always done more for the industry than those two have.

brich2331963d ago

It would be good if they stop making consoles, they could then go multiplatform and sell triple the amount of games on PC, Next xbox, and ps4, ps3 and xbox 360.

LOL_WUT1963d ago

Nintendo needs to drop the Wii Us price but, their pride won't let them. Heres hoping they pull their act together by E3 ;)

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perfectCarbonara1963d ago

You're right. But I loved the Cube. Was the last Nintendo console I bought and saw as a serious contender to Sony and MS gameswise.

Remember in the olden days when you were like: Hmm, do I get that game for PS2 or Cube ?

And this was like a real decision you had to make and they both had pro's and cons.

Good days.

mamotte1963d ago

And many games were first released in gamecube, and then ported to PS2, like RE4, Killer 7, Viewtiful joe...

Drekken1963d ago

Nintendo insists on staying a generation behind. They are marching to the beat of their own drum. This does not make it easy for devs. The developers have been complaining about the lack of ram and power with the current gen and they need more to work with. Now that the PS4 and Nextbox are coming soon these developers will be making games for them. Porting to the Wii-U will not be easy being it won't be comparable with power of the two systems. Nintendo really backed themselves into a lonely corner with the Wii-U.

mcstorm1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

That's not true you guys really need to look at the history of gaming before making stuff up.

Just to bring you up to speed the last gen nintendo's console was more powerful than the ps2 and the N64 was more powerful than the psx.

The biggest issue Nintendo had back then is the big name games like fifa, moh, Tekken ect were on the psx and ps2 but not the n64 or we dropped part the way into the gen and when they came onto the next gen the cube did not offer much different to the ps2.

The Wii did it was a console that was a new way to play games and it also opened gaming up to everyone which changed how Sony and Microsoft went with the ps3 and 360 (Kinect and Move)

The Wiiu will be fine this gen. It won't reach the numbers of the Wii but I don't think the next Xbox or ps4 will.

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zeldafreak4041963d ago

I sorta agree but the thing is about nintendo is they got bank i mean they couldve easily built a more powerful system but despite them not having uber powerful hardware their devs realy use the whole pallete maybe even more even with outdated hardware

SerodD1963d ago

I hope they're back to those days, so many great games.

Tei7771963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Their n64/Gamecube days are my favourite, so I'm excited. Assumably nintendo will fight their corner by releasing the best titles they can, alongside working with 3rd parties to create new IPs!

Financial wise they will be fine, I can't remember the last time one of their games flopped, the worst selling AAA title was metroid prime 3 but that still sold 1.5 which is still pretty decent. Also I imagine the system itself will be selling at a profit by years end.

Thatguy-3101963d ago

When you mention the essence of innovative do you mean turning it's long running Ip's into a yarn game?

maddfoxx1963d ago

Was a big Kirby fan until they did that. They are killing their Ip's with this "innovative" mess.

AWBrawler1962d ago

@Maddfoxx They did a "normal" kirby after that. so you should still be a fan, just don't play that one. I'm a Star Fox fan, but I don't play Starfox Adventure, because its not star fox how i know it

BullyMangler1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

If nintendo is back to its n64 gamecube days, that means we will see the BESt games to ever to hit this earth for the wiiU. . cooL

fatstarr1963d ago

honestly speaking the wiiu has no games out right now.

threes 1 hardcore original game out and that's zombi-u.

once the content comes through it will be a different story. theres no console sellers on the wiiu right now that will make someone want to buy a wiiu asap. its pretty much ports and 3rd party so far.

one the Triple AAA and Original/New IPs start rolling it will be a different story.

Never Judge consoles based on Q1 and Q2 because Q3 and Q4 sales shit on the numbers we have right now.

#E3 is when you start judging.

psoomah1963d ago

If 'the end of this gen' = 30 years.

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kunluncat1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

It is amazing that more developers support psv than 3ds. It looks vita gets some love from indie developers.

Edit: why disagree? Just show the data in article

PSV: 2% made last, 4.2% are making, and 5% plan to make game for it.
3DS: 2% are currently making and 2.8% plan to make game for it.

bicfitness1963d ago

People disagree with logic around here. Certainly this isn't your first day here :)

PSV is probably getting more support because of the ease of its development environment too.

ConstipatedGorilla1963d ago

I just disagreed with both of you only because you each mentioned disagrees. I'm a typical N4G user.

TongkatAli1963d ago

Nintendo fanboys, denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1963d ago

RETRO has got to deliver an in-depth Next Gen game with "Core" pleasing Visuals and Presentation.

>Nintendo has got to show the way by stealing thunder away from the "HardCore" franchises on other systems.

Again, I will buy it regardless- I can't image anything that Retro makes sucking.

1963d ago
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