Consider the great European PlayStation Plus freebies reparations

From the NES to the PS2 years, European gamers have been neglected. They didn't even originally get Chrono Trigger! So instead of being jealous of them and mad at Sony when good European PlayStation Plus freebies appear, consider them reparations for all the years people in Europe missed out.

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CaptainYesterday1993d ago

I am very tempted to make a EU Psn they seem to get alot of great games :)

Myst1993d ago

Same here. I mean damn they got some good games the past few months.

Irishguy951992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

After 6 years of BS I think we deserve it(as far as the Ps3 is concerned, never mind the last 20-25 years) Again.. More PS3's in Eu than either US or Jp. Yet...we have the worst a long shot. These PS+ things are certainly paying off the debt of our treatment. Sony even released the Ps3 a few months after the NA version here. Hopefully won't have a Repeat with the Ps4

Seriously... as an EU Ps3 owner, my NA account has been Vital to my enjoyment of the Ps3. Even though I can't buy games off it...the demos etc that come to it and not EU is ridiculous.

SAE1992d ago

We are treated bad in middle east now so i'm hoping for the same thing that happened to you for us. We can't even use our own language. We deserve better. We are supporting them since the 90's when the ps1 released so why ignore us ? . :(

NBT911992d ago

Yeah well, I had to make a USA account to get the God of War; Ascension demo. Swings and roundabouts.

Gamesgbkiller1992d ago

Yes we get good games
but its not always like you guys.

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Soldierone1993d ago

I just subscribed to NA's PS Plus for a year. Hopefully there is some good games between now and the end date.

ziggurcat1992d ago

the likelihood of that is pretty high. been a subscriber since day 1, and i've benefited from close to $1,000 in free/discounted content.

stage881992d ago

I just really hope Europe doesn't have to wait for the PS4 until 2014.
Even just the UK would be fine for me, sorry if that's selfish I just want it so much!

tigertron1992d ago

Us Europeans/Brits always get neglected. It's good to see that now, Sony is treating us right with PS Plus.

MestreRothN4G1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )


The writer of the article is SO butthurt over the uber superiority of EU PSN+.

PSN+ fanboys wars... I never thought I'd see them.

Black-Rock-Shooter1992d ago

Lol did you even Read the artical?
because they never say anything over being butt-hurt or even sound it the are saying it fair (in some ways)
so FAIL troll

MestreRothN4G1992d ago

I happen to have the US PSN+, though the speech in that article is summed up by:

"I wanted to have a PSN+ as good as the european, but, as I don't, let me tell you about something the US' has better than EU's."

"Hey, look, european mammals, you may have the best PSN+, but you suck at __________ (random subject)."

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