Zeus/Isaac Clarke PS All-Stars Characters Will Have Trophies, Kat/Emmett Trophies Being Worked On

Yesterday gave us a double dose of PlayStation All-Stars DLC news, with characters Zeus and Isaac Clarke, as well as a MediEvil/The Unfinished Swan stage, announced to be arriving on March 19th. Then in the afternoon, we found out pricing information for all three and that Zeus and Isaac would come free with God of War: Ascension.

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Wedge191817d ago

Woo! Trophies on free DLC are always good. I hate that the single trophy for the additional stage can't be unlocked unless you buy the actual DLC. You cannot unlock it in online play.

ftwrthtx1817d ago

Great way to continue support for a game. More trophies might entice others to pick up the game.

Simon_Brezhnev1817d ago

I saw Zues gameplay and I might make him my main.

r211817d ago

Same here, Seth said he's like Big Daddy. Slow but oh so powerful >:D

drsnoopyseussdog1817d ago

I thought all dlc characters were suppose to be free for the first two weeks?? :0

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