BioShock Infinite's Religious Themes Led Dev To Consider Quitting

One Irrational Games developer was so offended by the religious themes of a certain scene in BioShock Infinite that he sought to quit the company immediately after completing his playthrough of the level.

"There was a scene in the game at the end where there's a gentleman here--one of our artists--who got to a point in the game, played it, turned off BioShock, opened up his computer, opened Microsoft Word, and wrote a resignation letter; it had offended him so much," Levine told GameSpot in a new video interview.

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Thatguy-3101970d ago

Honestly the whole religious themes around this game is what intrigues me the most. I'm curious to see how everything ties up and fits together. The song bird, the lamb, the city itself etc. Can't wait for the end of march to come around.

likeaboss3021970d ago

I'm guessing he closed Word after he remembered "it's just a game".

venomcarnage891969d ago

An "irrational" game developer then :P

ANIALATOR1361969d ago

YEEEEEAAAH! lol sorry couldn't resist

Mounce1969d ago

Religion and Irrational come hand in hand my friend.

I mean, Levine did say he was a VERY RELIGIOUS could only assume you could have an in-game character say "I don't believe in Christ" and this guy would be like.... FUCK THIS STUDIO, I'M OFFENDED!...

I just get the picture that, easily, the person is overreacting to hell, being that it's just a game, in-game concepts and in-game opinions shouldn't offend someones faith....

Only times you take insult of your faith of something that discredits or speaks of its authenticity and it offending someone is if they're generally forcing it to themselves to believe it with every ounce of their body and to think that their judgment and decision is wrong just entirely makes them go into a shock and fear, just like say how fanboys can act to wanting to raise their ego in assumption that their Console purchase was THE BEST choice and if you try to make it seem that another is better, they get all hotheaded. The other time you can see someone gets offended of course if religion is in question is if they just honestly fucking are irrational to that degree that they can't handle their religion being questioned, I'd think if you have FAITH, you have belief, if you have belief, you should have confidence IN THAT. If you lack confidence to simply believe it and move on in life and you have to reveal insecurities, I'd like to question what kind of life they're living if they get worked up so much over so little, and this person can't simply have faith and be confident with his decision in which anothers opinion shouldn't waiver his ideal perception of his faith.

Conzul1969d ago Show
glennco1969d ago

@Mounce - It is called cognitive dissonance.

Mounce1969d ago

@glennco - Indeed. I know. I've taken enough sociology, human relations and psyche classes in College to grasp that enough.

I just personally dislike that side of humanity and I find myself using it for the advantage of thinking outside the box or being more open-minded rather than a tunnel-vision type of ignorance that we see in most cases especially within media.

NoooOoo! I want to view life either Black or White! If someone tries to put some black in my white to make it grey! I MUST SCREAM!

I must scream but I have no mouth.

Septic1969d ago


"Religion and Irrational come hand in hand my friend. "

Sorry but yours is a sweeping statement. Today's atheistic attidudes could go hand in hand with irrationality as well.

Regarding your point on this so-called desire/inability to wander out of these black and white zones for religious people is an indication of your lack of understanding of religion.

"I just personally dislike that side of humanity and I find myself using it for the advantage of thinking outside the box or being more open-minded rather than a tunnel-vision type of ignorance"

Yoy may be surprised by just how close minded you may be. Certainly your comment is indicative of the common superiorty complex that operates in atheists, of which I assume you are one?

SilentNegotiator1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

I finally meet someone else that has read "I must scream but I have no mouth" (actually, "I have no mouth and I must scream") and they're a raging bigot.

You must be right; there is no God.

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BlackTar1871969d ago

religion is turning into a joke. i believe in god but this sensitivity towards anything in regards to religion good or bad is turning into a joke and is doing too much damage.

SAE1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Can't wait for release date >.< . I'm really excited for this game. Loved the first game and dishonored so i hope it's at least as good as them ..

Edit : Sorry, I didn't understand what you said at first. Some religions doesn't tell anyone to act like that. So sometimes some people over react and do something in the name of the religion but it's not what the religion want them to do. These people called racists. So i agree with you. but you have to consider the one that offended the religion and stop them somehow ..

zen_hydra1969d ago ShowReplies(1)
KwietStorm1969d ago

Separate the people from the religion.

SAE1969d ago

It's your thinking that start these things that you guys call it jokes. You hate religion people for believing on something and you want everyone to act like you. You also misunderstood the racists from the religious people. You have to open your mind and accept others believes. All of us should respect others thoughts and that will lead to no fight or anything like that.

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Cyrax41969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

This game seems like a 180 from the original BioShock.

Rapture was an atheistic society with libertarian principles.

Columbia seems to be a religious society with more of a nationalist or 'patriotic' feel.

cyguration1969d ago

I guess one was like Ayn Rand while the other is more like Benedictus De Spinoza.

Conzul1969d ago

It's still Bioshock. It's about political and social (and now religious) extremes.

I can't wait.

turgore1969d ago

Rapture was basically Ayn Rand, Columbia is basically the TEA party.

Cyrax41969d ago

Come to think of it, I can't recall any recent mainstream video games that feature a religious main character.

Connor (AC3) - is an atheist (the preacher mentions how religion isn't for him)

Altair (AC1) - mentions in writings that Ezio later finds that he doesn't believe in a god

Niko (GTA4) - mentions that he doesn't believe in religion

John Marston (Red Dead) - mentions that he doesn't believe in a god

I'm sure there are plenty of other examples.

RankFTW1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Kratos and Dante might believe in a god.

zen_hydra1969d ago

Kratos is clearly a nihilist.

rdgneoz31969d ago

Believing in them and wanting to kill them are two different things...

Qrphe1969d ago


It's not a belief anymore if they do in fact exist within their universes.

KwietStorm1969d ago

Castlevania Lords of Shadow - Gabriel Belmont

One of the main themes in the whole story is faith and the ffight between the light and the dark. Gabriel is right in the middle of it. And not to mention who the final boss is.

Unknown_Soldier1969d ago

I hate it when an awesome character (in anything) goes all religious. It's like they become less interesting or something.

sobekflakmonkey1969d ago

I find, that in this particular game, it's more interesting, because usually it's all preachy and shitty, but from what I just watched there's a lot more to it, the character sounds deep and dark, and the mystery surrounding him, his faith and now the ending, really make me want to play the game.

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