Yoshi featured in Android game “Era’s Adventures”

GE: "In the past, we’ve seen iOS and Android games that rip off Nintendo games in not-so-subtle ways. But Era’s Adventures is different. Rather than attempting to copy any particular title, this new Android release takes Yoshi and places the character in a completely different setting."

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Muffins12231823d ago

Wow put allot of work in to this,tobad its gonna get pulled down from market

MasterCornholio1822d ago

Hey look Nintendo has gone 3rd party and are now developing smartphone games.

LOL i kid. Yeah this is going to get pulled down from the market. Shame on them for copying Nintendo.

KwietStorm1822d ago

Guess I should download before this becomes a rare antique.

Kennytaur1822d ago

Downloaded the free demo, and it sucks too much for even Yoshi... I mean Era to save it.

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