Sonys Says Playstation 4 Announcement Was ‘a Big Big Step’ for PS Vita

When questioned on the topic Gara answered:

“How important is it to PS4? I almost feel in a way, it’s how important is PlayStation 4 to PS Vita. I think the answer there is very.”

He then continued to cover a topic which had been a personal highlight of mine, the ability to play PS4 games via the PS Vita...

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CaptainYesterday1998d ago

Looking forward to see how the PS4 and Vita get along ;)

S_C1997d ago

Same here.... it's the only reason i have not traded it in was the hope for full remote play on the ps4

remanutd551998d ago

How about announcing more psvita exclusive titles sony? how about a vita price drop? memory cards price drop? more vita apps? how about paying more attention to the little system?

Harkins17211998d ago

Memory Cards need a price drop. There working towards games. But it doesnt need a price drop. Sony needs to make money. Developers just need to support the damn thing. Its only been a year since release. If you cant pay for one thats ur fault.

akaakaaka1998d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I understand you point but why will you want to play those games when you can play PS4 games in it?
Let the Sony devs focus on new tech.. you can play them on your vita anyways.. I think sony is doing the right move here.. the vita does not need exclusive games it need to bring the PlayStation experience on the go and they are doing that for the first time!

I will get a vita now, soon.. unless you have to pay extra for this feature"gaikai" or "remote play" I'm on it! And I will enjoy it!
But waiting to see how is going to work..hope is free to use and a new psvita model then I will buy a vita.. and I will be able to enjoy my ps4 games on the go!

@remanud Sony america president explain that there may be lag on online mp if you are really far away from the PS4 but most of the experience will be lag free.. and the best experience will be if you have a solid connection and are near the PS4 and I'm ok with it!

That's why I want to wait and see if it works good enough and if is free to use, then I will buy a Vita.. if it doesn't then get mad at Sony and ask for exclusive games for it but if is does.. the PS4 games > PSV
And you will not need amazing games because you will have them if you own a PS4.. and you are not doing it right if you don't own one by that time.

remanutd551997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

im still waiting on some promises sony has made in the past, first things first, make the vita the best portable device they can.

im pretty sure people will be disappointed with the remote play when they see a lot of lag playing big ps4 games on the vita through wifi.

eferreira1997d ago

Just because you can't afford it doesn't mean they should lower the price.

The vita is a powerful machine and you get what you pay for. Memory card should be lowered, You're right there :)

chaos-lockheart1997d ago

It will sooner or later, it's not like a console never in history had a price drop before.

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Jek_Porkins1998d ago

The thing that worries me is that Sony clearly has to focus on the PS4 launch, they have every single developer working on PS4 games yes? Where does that leave the Vita?

Third party developers were already not doing much with the handheld, now that Sony basically has to switch their focus this year, I don't see how they can have very many big plans for Vita, I think people will want more than cross play, the thing needs its own killer apps somewhere along the line.

Harkins17211998d ago

If they make that every Ps4 game is playable on Vita it could be very huge that people want to play on the go. Or be like the WiiU tablet and playable in the house as long as you have Wifi. But third party does need to focus on it. Hopefully E3 we will see more support!

porkChop1997d ago

Yeah that's the thing. Sony didn't put many first party studios working on the Vita, and now they've shifted all their focus to the PS4. If Sony can't fully support their own system, then that tells 3rd parties that it isn't worth supporting. Remote Play is cool, but it isn't enough to justify a $300+ investment on a handheld.

I think the Vita is worth the asking price, but at this point Sony is just being stubborn. They KNOW it won't sell until they drop the price on both the Vita and the memory cards. Yet they're still refusing to do it. They announced a price cut exclusively in Japan. Great, now what bout the rest of the world? You need much more than Japan's support if you want the Vita to succeed. At this point, Sony's slowly killing the Vita.

chaos-lockheart1997d ago

Just because something hasn't come out yet doesn't mean developers are not doing anything. The PS4 was in development 5 years. Vita just came out, AAA games will come out, patience is virtue. Great things come to people who wait.

pedrami911998d ago

How does announcing the PS Vita as a portable second screen for the PS4 help it in any way?

Seraphemz1998d ago

The fact that you will be able to play PS4 games on the go...will be huge!!!

If that could happen right now with PS3 games, it would be selling like crazy!!

porkChop1997d ago

It isn't "on the go". It's only Remote Play. You still have to be near the PS4.

sGIBMBR1997d ago

As awesome as playing 'on the go' sounds, I don't think you guys understand the technical limitations. I doubt you'll actually be able to play PlayStation 4 games on the Vita away from Wifi or the PlayStation 4.

Gaikai is cloud based gaming, which means you'll have to be connected to the internet at all times. 3G definitely isn't enough for a rich smooth cloud gaming experience, and I doubt 4G will either. The only way I see this working is through Wifi or direct connectivity to the PlayStation 4.

All you can do is be as optimistic as can, but have real life expectations.

SDF Repellent1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )


Dude, playing PS4 games on the Go is a pipe dream. If you are talking about playing home console games on the go, the Turbo express and the Sega Nomads were the only devices that actually does it because thise portable gaming devices have the same hardware as there home units. Remote play is totally diferent as the VITA has to be on the same WiFi network as the PS4. It is nothing new as I can do remote play already with my iPad.

Gaikai will not be the answer because you still need the hardware that can run a PS4 on the portable device.

MaxXAttaxX1996d ago

You obviously don't know what you're talking about.

You can use Remote Play from anywhere via WiFi. You don't have to be near your PS3 or PS4. As long as you have your PSP/Vita synced up.

The PSP came out before the iPad.

Get better informed about Gaikai, please.

SDF Repellent1996d ago


Dude, you are so wrong about Gaikai and the VITA. Yes, the Gaikai is the cloud, but the information that is stored in the cloud has to be transmitted to a system with the hardware capable of displaying those information first before a remote device can display that information on its screen. The streaming of PS4 games will still have to be done from a PS4 to a VITA and not directly from the cloud to the VITA. Of course old PSP and VITA game might be able to pull this off as those are native games to the VITA hard ware but it is not possible with PS4/PS3 games.

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MaxXAttaxX1997d ago

Well you can stream ANY PS4 game on your PS Vita.
Unlike the Wii U where only SOME games have Off TV support.

1997d ago
MaxXAttaxX1997d ago

Games that require simultaneous use of both screens (TV and GamePad) won't. And yes, Zombie U and Nintendo Land are some examples.

V0LT1997d ago

It almost sounds like there are no plans for a new Sony handheld with all this push for Vita to work out

joeorc1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

"It almost sounds like there are no plans for a new Sony handheld with all this push for Vita to work out"

why would Sony even expect to do that, right now with the market the way it is ? the PSVita is most likely Sony's last dedicated Mobile game system. the next will be tied to their living room console so you get
two console's for the price of one. but the 2nd is a handheld mobile device that you can take your same livingroom console games on the go where ever you go. that has always been Sony's goal with the PSP as a platform. the PSVita has enough Power to now pull off something close to Sony's vision of such mobility with a mobile game portable.

Sony sell right now over 9.6 million xperia smart devices per sales Quarter! that's a 9:1 advantage over the PSVita, to Sony i would imagine they see the writing on the wall, Smart Devices are now not only the main market consumer choice for gaming on the go. but they have now the #1 sold devices and the #1 software sold of any Mobile device game handheld, no Game handheld on the market even come's close to these number's per sales Quarter. the smart devices such as Smartphone's are now the market leader by quite a wide margin, the dedicated gaming handheld is now the minority platform in the main market instead of the leader.

that's not saying that these dedicated game hand held systems are not fantastic for gaming, its just now there is so many choice's for mobile gaming on the go that its not just about Nintendo and Sony in this market for mobile gaming any more.

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