Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (PS3) Review - Raiden's Time to Shine l Entertainment Fuse

It is about time Raiden gets to shine in his own game and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance definitely lives up to the wait as well as the pedigree by both the series and Platinum Games. The game’s storyline is good enough and keeps things up about Metal Gear Solid 4 for fans of the franchise. It also surprisingly deals with philosophical ideas well compared to other games in the genre. The blade mode and parrying mechanics does separate the game from the rest of the pack giving it its own identity and play a major role in Raiden’s survival. The game is also filled with crazy set pieces and the most memorable boss battles of the genre in a while. The camera issues are Rising’s only major flaw. Other than that, the game runs amazing at 60 frames per second along with a pumped up soundtrack that shines in its big moments. Revengeance is a reminder that games can still be actual games and not theatrical interactive experiences that seem be the norm in this current generation of consoles. In other words, Metal Gear Rising is a straight up video game. Nothing more, nothing less.

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