Kingdom Hearts: 15 Defining Pieces Of Music

WC: A few months ago, I wrote an article about the music of the Final Fantasy series, which featured thirty definitive tracks from a selection of hundreds that have been heard throughout the franchise’s long and illustrious history.

In 2002, the series diversified somewhat, as several of its characters and key elements were incorporated into the new Kingdom Hearts franchise, an action role-playing-game featuring Disney worlds and characters. Developed by Final Fantasy’s creators, Square, in partnership with Disney themselves, the series doesn’t have as rich of a heritage as its predecessor, but it features music of a similarly high quality, composed almost exclusively by Japanese composer Yoko Shimomura.

He may not be as renowned as Nobuo Uematsu, but the fifteen pieces of exquisite music featured in this list show that Shimomura is at least comparable to the man, and has a bright future ahead of him if Kingdom Hearts III ever enters development.

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