Yarn Yoshi Doesn’t Look Like the Sequel that Yoshi Fans Want

GenGAME writes: "It’s clear from the behavior patterns of Nintendo’s customers that what they desire is consistency, with innovation arriving at the level of new worlds to see and fresh content to consume. Unfortunately, Nintendo doesn’t seem interested in that. They’d rather 'surprise' people with their Unique Art Styles™ and New Ways to Play™."

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PopRocks3591969d ago

What were Yoshi fans looking for exactly? I don't think a sequel to Yoshi's cookie would have pleased anyone. As long as this new game doesn't screw with what makes a Yoshi game great, then I'll be happy.

Slowbrosef1969d ago

Helloooooooooooooooo Yoshi's Island sequel

It already had a nice pastel/crayon art style and it was a challenging game. I don't dislike this game but it's definitely not what I wanted.

cherbhy1969d ago

^^^^ this is exactly what I was looking for. (Yoshi's Island 2 U (<pointless character indicating nothing))

TheDivine1968d ago

Wasn't there a yoshis island sequel already? I thought they did that on the ds.

This isn't one of those games they've built around yoshi. It's like SMB2 and Kirby's Epic Yarn where they had a game idea and forced a beloved character into it to sell the game. Nothing wrong with that but it is what it is. It's not for me but a new Nin sidescroller is always in fashion.

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lilbroRx1969d ago

I want a game that is creative and fun to play. I don't know what this guy is looking for.

kirbyu1969d ago

The graphics look terrific. I hope this game is good.

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The story is too old to be commented.