Kenji Eno Speaks His Mind In This Unpublished Interview

Kotaku: Last week, Japanese game designer Kenji Eno passed away at the age of 42. Eno was well known for his survival horror games, D, Enemy Zero, and D2, as well as his unique and sometimes eccentric opinions and behavior, like the development of the Sega Saturn game, Real Sound, a video game that features no video.

In February of 2010, Kotaku's sister site Kotaku Japan and Jin115 of the Japanese video game website Oreteki Ge-mu Sokuhou @JIN held an interview with Eno. Afterwards, Eno agreed to a second interview that was conducted, but never published. Now, with the blessing of the CEO of From Yellow to Orange, the details of this second interview have been revealed, in which Eno talked about his thoughts on game creators and the trends of gaming itself.

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