Will I be able to play Killzone 4 on my phone? Michael Denny doesn’t exactly say ‘no’

OPM: So there’s no misinterpretation here I’m just going to reproduce the relevant bit of my interview word for word. The short of it is that I asked Sony Worldwide Studios VP Michael Denny if PS4′s Gaikai-powered streaming meant I could play Killzone 4 on my phone. He didn’t exactly discount it.

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Minato-Namikaze1784d ago

Why would you want to? Some games on phones just dont work right

jujubee881784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

If you are going to do remote play, do it right. Just buy a PS4 and a VITA. :\

MikeMyers1784d ago

What you could do is watch other people play on your phone. You could potentially also send out challenges and monitor your account on your phone. Actually playing Killzone 4 on your phone would be a waste of time.

SignifiedSix911784d ago

You can get controller support for phones though. And a lot of games support them. I've seen people using the DS3 on their Galaxy S3's.

Minato-Namikaze1784d ago

Thats why i have my vita. Carrying around a controller doesnt work for me. i understand integrating the game to have mobile features but as far as actually playing the game, that should be left to dedicated gaming devices.

delboy1784d ago

It's Sony we're talking about.
It culd work with smartphone or tablet, but they desperately need to sell some Vita's.
So no way Sony is going to support that.
Maybe just maybe on Sony phones or tablets, but I doubt it.

gamelover51784d ago

exactly what im saying! have the ps4 controller hook up Bluetooth or something maybe not for phone but for tablets especially win8 pro tablets I would prefer that over a vita to be honest not so much of a hassle to carry a controller

DivineAssault 1784d ago

if u can bluetooth the dual shock 4 to a tablet, that would be fantastic.. Im wondering if u have to be next to the system with a wifi connection or ANYWHERE with wifi to do it

maniacmayhem1784d ago

So would playing PS4 games through cloud on your phone/tablet or computer makes them PS4 exclusives?

Kind of loses the appeal of getting a ps4.

BLow1784d ago

True but how will you get the game. Plus, the most money is made from software so if people can just stream games without a PS4 then it's just more money in Sony's account. It's kind of win-win situation. Btw..this is just a straight reply and not a disagree.

WarThunder1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Do you use any logic in your post? I don't think so....

U need "your" ps4 and a copy of KZ4 so u can remote play from ur PS4 to ur smartphone...

classic2001784d ago

You need the PS4 and the games purchase for it to be able to play on your phone, no disrespect but use your brains.

matgrowcott1784d ago

@Classic200 @WarThunder

Do either of you understand how cloud gaming works?

It's nothing to do with remote play necessarily. Remote play has the processing done by the PS4 and then shown on another screen. Cloud gaming has the processing done thousands of miles away. Your console is basically just used as an access point.

There's no reason to think Sony couldn't allow you to play the latest games on even the crappiest laptops and smart phones - whether they do or not is a completely different question and an interesting one.


My guess is you'll need a PS certified device to stream exclusives. If they wanted to go broader, it'd be nice to see free cloud copies when you buy a game and accessible from any device. There's no way to compete with a company that's selling software with no cost for extra hardware. People will still buy the PS4, but then Xbox-only owners will be buying exclusives as well.

The only question is, how closed do Sony want to be with this? Without more Cloud supporters, they might go either way at this point.

maniacmayhem1784d ago

I didn't respond to Classic or War because comprehension in reading doesn't seem to be their strong point.

No disrespect Classic but L2R.

maniacmayhem1784d ago

I believe Sony is trying to set up a PS Suite app for non PS devices on Android and eventually iPhone (maybe) with this service they could offer a PS+ like service which in turn could have Gaikai. Making any device be able to play Playstation games.

And wasn't is announced that PS4 games would be available to DL the day it comes out so no physical copy is needed? I thought I read that somewhere.

Ju1784d ago

That's not necessarily a PS Suite app, but just a "Gaikai" (now PS Cloud) client running on a mobile device. I'd guess it'll be a native Vita/Android/iOS/whatever app.

Technically I can't see why it wouldn't run on a mobile phone with on screen controls or even a controller attached. Might as well be.

But Sony's Cloud isn't Gaikai as we know it. a) it is in it's infancy and b) most likely will only allow you to play PlayStation games.

The streaming what was show is either through the PS store front or your private content where the PS4 is the server. There was no announcement of a full streaming service without a PS4 server.

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jjb19811784d ago

I wouldn't even attempt to play killzone 4 on my iphone. It would be too frustrating... The device would need physical buttons and two analog sticks

Ju1784d ago

But shouldn't that be a costumers choice? Why not? Sure, it's an incentive to get a Vita; but it is also a teaser to get a Vita.

lovegames7181784d ago

How would it lose the appeal of getting a ps4 if the only way to do the remote play to begin with with other devices would be via the Ps4. I dont get it. I cant remote play games on my vita without a ps3.

GiantFriendlyCrab1784d ago

we are talking about streaming games through gaikai

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