Why Twilight Princess on the GameCube is Superior to the Wii Version

Wouldn’t it be nice if the media focused on the true issues at hand? If it focused on the political agenda and moral concerns of society? Instead, the media focuses on how Justin Bieber styles his hair and the happy story of the cat that the firemen saved from the storm gutters.

Crap sells, and we’re all too familiar with that fact. Take the debate that has run rampant through Zelda communities for well over five years now: is Twilight Princess better on the GameCube or the Wii? It’s pointless, but it will grab your attention and drag you into reading this article much more than anything intellectual and well thought-out would.

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1upgamer991909d ago

I thought the motion controls were great in this game. I even looked up IGN's review, and they say the same thing. Oh well to each his own.

mandf1909d ago

The controls weren't bad just not Zelda like. Zelda is my favorite game of all time. Saying that, Motion controls repulse me when when it comes to zelda. Twilight Princess was a true Zelda game but with motion controls and a more mature look to Zelda. Skyward Sword dumbed down the game just for motion controls. Traditional Zelda fans like a controller. The games are meant for it. While motion controls didn't ruin the game and may bring innovative and cool ideas, Zelda is meant for a game with a controller. It's hard to explain the feel of playing with a traditional controller vs. motion control.

1upgamer991909d ago

I have been playing Zelda since the NES days(yeah I am 40) and it seemed natural to me when I first played Zelda with a Wii Remote. I had no issues with it at all. In fact I have been playing Majoras mask with the pro-controller, and that took me few minutes to get used to again. Hopefully on Wii U Nintendo will give us the option of pro-controller with Zelda :)

mandf1909d ago

Yeah I agree it did feel natural but I had more fun playing it with the controller. I'm not hating on anything Zelda.

MurDocINC1909d ago

I'll take skyward motion controls over controller any day. I remember first time I ran into skeleton with sword in OoT, I was all excited but after I was disappoint. Even though I could control the sword swings it turn out into simple fight. Motion controls fix that now, the fight with a skeleton is more intense now.

linkofrs1909d ago

I honestly like the motion controls. They make it slightly more immersive. I'm also a long time zelda fan. Since skyward sword was their first outing with the wii motion plus i don't blame them for making it easier considering that gamers might have been dissapointed if it was too hard to use the wiimote as a sword. I am looking forward to playing zelda with that gamepad though. OOT on the 3ds had amazing inventory management just because of the touchscreen.

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-GametimeUK-1909d ago

They were a great way to introduce the wii and create foundations for the future. I personally liked the controls. Sure, you can hit a button on a controller and have link do the same swing animations as waving the wiimote, but the swinging just felt so natural and in place. Running through grass and flicking the wiimote to chop it all was great fun for me haha.

It may have been designed for the gamecube, but the wii version takes it for me based on the control scheme.

sitharrefus1909d ago

Reviews are opinions.... I played both versions while i liked the motion controls on the Wii, the Cube version was better imop since you could move the camera better. But the Wii version was fun with motion controls and the speaker added a touch when finding chests. xD

knifefight1909d ago

Re: "I thought the motion controls were great in this game. I even looked up IGN's review, and they say the same thing."

Why do you need IGN to validate your opinion?

Nerdmaster1909d ago

The controls were great indeed. I played many Zelda games (Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time including the 3DS version, Majora's Mask, Minish Cap...) but didn't like any of them. The only one I actually enjoyed and finished was Twilight Princess on Wii. I think the controls were partly responsible for that.

Mounce1909d ago

To me, I just feel that Zelda belongs with a's an action adventure game! You need PRECISE controls so that Link reacts at the time you want something done.... Motion controls are not 1:1 with your desires that only buttons can do. I don't want to pull out my bow, by waggling a stick about and HOPING it pulls out the bow and not the hookshot or something..... it's a reason why I'd just never get into Skyward Sword. I bought Twilight Princess and Windwaker on Gamecube with EASE and love BUTTONS!

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herbs1909d ago

Saying one version is superior to the other is ignorant it just comes down to personal preference. Poorly written pointless article.

Apex131909d ago

Random and out of date article no?

kB01909d ago

There are still retro reviews out there. Especially since they reviewed 2 games on previous gen consoles, it definitely fits that category.

One thing that starting to bum me out, with these articles I'm really starting to notice the amount of content Nintendo has resold us:S...I mean if you start to think about it's really not slowing down at all:S

Zelda wind waker and donkey kong 3DS are the new test subjects..although I'd be lieing if I said I wasn't excited for Donkey Kong 3DS lol:P As for Zelda wind waker I played it sooooooooooooo much on Gamecube, that I just am not excited about it:(

WheatBread1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

I agree and Motion controls SUCK.

LordHiggens1909d ago

Motion controls and 3D are a blight upon gaming...and should be cast into a heated blaze that even the nuclear fusion at the suns core wouldn't be able to match.

OpenGL1909d ago

I don't know about that, I agree that they aren't ideal for all games or all types of games but they aren't all inherently bad.

I thought Uncharted 3 in 3D was pretty amazing.

LordHiggens1909d ago

I respect your opinion bro, but I have a 3DS and worked at Best Buy selling 3D TVs and all 3D does for me is make the picture blurry...if I want to do that I'll drink a fifth of vodka before hand...much cheaper.

kB01909d ago


Not sure what 3DS you were looking at, but 3D when playing 3ds actually increases the sharpness of textures I've noticed. Adds an extra shimmer.

It must do with the fact that your doubling for each eye.

So yeah:)

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