Viking: Battle for Asgard updated impressions from GameSpot

The world in Viking exists not in Asgard (the "heavenly realm") but in Midgard (the mortal realm) and consists of three islands: Niflberg, Galcliff, and Isaholm, with each island over a square kilometre in size, according to Sega. You can explore each on foot, but with so much to traverse it's easier to use Leystones, which are portals that let you teleport to previously visited areas. Throughout each island you'll have to perform a wide variety of quests that include freeing enslaved Vikings, finding valuable artifacts, and destroying enemy strongholds, as well as side quests, such as helping townsfolk collect mead located along the coast. No word yet on if you'll be able to pillage the local towns in true Viking style, but GameSpot wouldn't count on it.

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