Five Reasons PS4 Will Revive PS Vita

Sony's next-gen PS4 will not just start a new generation of amazing home console releases, but breathe new life into PS Vita, too. Here's why.

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a_bro1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

lets see if they stay true to their word. Im getting my vita back next month, although, im fairly convinced that they're going to come out with an new model this E3...

darthv721939d ago

as their PS4 reveal...I stopped off and picked up a Vita.

I also signed up for PS+ so i would have some games to start me off. I always wanted a Vita but like many, i was looking for the right time to validate my purchase.

All the talk of how the vita will do this or that in conjunction with the PS4 was my jumping off point. I'm glad i did as the vita is a really nice piece of tech.

I do hate how easily the back scratches though. the front is as tough as the gorilla glass on my GS2 but the back.......

miyamoto1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Congrats, DarthV72!
Enjoy and have fun.

blitz06231939d ago

Let's say they drop the price of the Vita before or during E3 to $200. PS4 starts at $400, then gets dropped to $350 about a year later. That one year allows them to fully realize the potential of the Vita to smoothly remote play most if not ALL PS4 games. A $500 bundle for the 2 would be sweet.

1939d ago
Soldierone1939d ago

As long as its just a slim version and maybe a price cut I don't really care. I've been enjoying my Vita since launch so it was worth the extra 50 dollars.

However if they pull an Apple and out date my Vita, I'll be pretty mad.

G20WLY1939d ago

Agree regarding Apple, but I don't want it smaller, it's great in terms of weight and size - no slimming required in my opinion.

profgerbik1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Just like everyone was so convinced they would release a 4G model on February 20th? Right?

If they haven't even dropped the price of the original Vita in most parts of the world I can assure you that is not going to happen. There will for sure be a price drop on all Vita's everywhere, then there is a chance to see a new revision around that time. It makes no sense now though, none at all.

I am not trying to be a smart ass but do people even think about that? How little sense it would make to release a new model a "YEAR" after the first one was just made?

The Vita isn't made by Activision or Ubisoft.

Every single device Sony has made, has always seen at least a 2-3 year gap before it even sees a revision handheld wise. Knowing how frequently that history has repeated itself, I will bet the same will happen again.

It is kind of upsetting that people are even expecting a new model so soon though.. I mean jesus.

LOGICWINS1940d ago

I'm more interested in Vita/PS3 compatibility with Gaikai. Playing GOW: Ascension on the go would be worth it for me. I just want to know if I will need a PS4 to use Gaikai.

platformmaster9181939d ago

If they put gaikai on ps3 it will decentivise people from buying ps4. You could just stream ps4 games since the hardware doesn't matter

hongthay1939d ago

ahh, but that's why they said they are only streaming ps1, ps2 and ps3 games to any platforms. For PS4 games you will need the PS4 itself, and it will only stream to the Vita.

Glad I have my Vita already.

GiggMan1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

I have no interest for mobile gaming at all but a PS4/Vita bundle would be too hard to pass up.

hot4play1939d ago

I think a few years down the line when both the PS4 and Vita's manufacturing costs are significantly lower, Sony will "relaunch" the system or release an SKU that will compete with the Wii U.

Think about it, just like the PS3's lifecycle was extended with Sony releasing the Move to compete with the Wii. The PS4's install base would be a lot bigger then and the Vita would be relatively "dirt-cheap". This would allow Sony the opportunity to bundle the Vita with the PS4, making it the official controller for the system.

Remember that Sony has already done this kind of strategy first with the PS1 (from the original controller to the first DualShock controller).

If Sony does this, they would effectively extend the PS4's longevity and standardize the use of a touchscreen controller on all their systems --- allowing for new ways to play and eating away at the Wii U's marketshare. Wii U games would be easily ported to the PS4, plus games would be a lot better because of the more powerful hardware and the better touchscreen controller (sorry Vita's OLED capacitive touch beats Wii U's crappy resisitive screen)

2015 - PS4 Slim + PS Vita bundle = "PS4 STREAM" --- MAKE IT HAPPEN SONY!

Plus! You can still use the Vita as an actual PORTABLE machine that has its own set of exclusive games (Soul Sacrifice, FFX HD, and im sure many more in the future)

Pillsbury11939d ago

The new interconnectivity of ps4 will be amazing, being able to play most ps4 games on the go. True remote play. I am excited for the future of playstation, more power, better connectivity and amazing exclusives.

OlgerO1939d ago

Wow the possibilities are great, this is the first time I consider buying a Vita. Still I wont be buying one untill after the PS4 release, to see how things pan out

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