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EuroGamer: "There's a good game somewhere within Real Racing 3 - and there are plenty of free-to-play games that prove this model can work while respecting the player. Firemonkeys and EA have got that balance horribly, horribly wrong."

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MooseWI1843d ago

I don't think anyone should touch this game, you have to pay to play pretty much, awesome.

Riderz13371843d ago

You have to pay to play this game? WOAH! I thought all games were free!

Perjoss1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Read the review, specially the last paragraph...

Remember the arcades when you used to have to drop in a coin to play for 10 mins of play? yeah get used to that kind of milking minus the social aspect of hanging out with your friends at the local arcade.

***k free to play.

MooseWI1843d ago

You actually have to pay to play, if you play too much they require you to buy extra tokens and what not to race. Clever marketing and it works.

MagneticDeath21843d ago

I downloaded it and its pretty good for a free game, havnt spent any money and raced for over an hour so far. IGN gave it a 9.

FlairSomewhere1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

not sure if I should correct you and say they gave it a 9.1, or tell you that what ign gave it means nothing. it's just another writer's opinion.

But I'm glad you can enjoy it.

I'm just bummed that I can't spend money and get a complete game anymore.

InMyOpinion1843d ago

Graphics look pretty sweet for a mobile game, but I won't be buying. Already have Real Racing 2, which is actually ok.

Perjoss1843d ago

Too many racing games are the same these days, start with crappy car, earn cash to make it less crappy or buy a better one, go round and round on the same tracks. For me this is boring give me the open road any day.

Looking back Test Drive Unlimited had terrible handling but it gave you a whole island to explore, you could race for over an hour and not see the same are twice, and no loading screens. It was a great sense of freedom. I've love to see the next Forza and Gran Turismo give us the open road instead of going round and round.

IMO Horizon was ok but it was trying too hard to be like Burnout, smashing boards to get a discount on parts at the stores? just like real life!