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New Super Luigi U - Gameplay Analysis

GameXplain: "We dive in and analyize the gameplay trailer for New Super Luigi U, the downloadable expansion for New Super Mario Bros. U, and try to discover what secrets the footage might be hiding! We explore some of the new elements the game introduces, why Nintendo might be hiding detials of the World Map, and look to Luigi's past to see if it offers hints of his future, and much more! - See more at: http://www.gamexplain.com/a... (Wii U)

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Eternalb  +   571d ago
I'm more excited than I probably should be for this
Moonman  +   571d ago
You should be, Luigi is the best game brother ever!
Army_of_Darkness  +   571d ago
Looks like an upscaled wii game...
Great first party next Gen showcase Nintendo..... (-_-)...
3-4-5  +   571d ago
It's a Full NEW game. I don't think people really comprehend that and it's because of the name. Not anybody's fault..just a bit confusing.

This is awesome. 80 new platforming levels within the mario universe Starring Luigi.

Couldn't ask more for that.

O and the play style is tailored for Luigi as well.
MooseWI  +   571d ago
Gotta love the Mario franchise.
Eternalb  +   570d ago
Darn tootin'
doogiebear  +   568d ago

Milked to death
lilbroRx  +   571d ago
Gotta love Mario based games. If he start in it then its pretty much guaranteed good and creative.

If their is one thing I love about Nintendo, its how they can do so many completely different things while still keeping the spirit of the original.

Whether it is racing, using a water cannot or spinning through gravity, game with Mario still retain their feel while giving your something you've never experienced. It'll be interesting to see what they do with this.
solidt12  +   571d ago
So now they decide to show Luigi some love. Luigi is the man!
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SlapHappyJesus  +   571d ago
Hoping to see a new 3D Mario game soon.

The Galaxy series is going to be a hard one to move up from, I would think.
1upgamer99  +   571d ago
I had never bought or beat Galaxy 1-2 on Wii till last week. I was at gamestop last week to pick up a screen protector for my Wii U gamepad, and saw Mario Galaxy just sitting there, and thought why not. So I brought it home and I was in for one of the best games I have ever played. On Wii U the graphics are upscaled and look really great. I can not believe I never bought this game. It really raised the bar. I am still having fun with it and want to get 120 stars LOL.
Venox2008  +   570d ago
oh yes, you will.. at E3 :)
biggest_mario_fan   571d ago | Spam
newsguy  +   571d ago
TheDivine  +   570d ago
How about instead of a 3d Mario we get a 3d luigi? I love luigi, this dlc is great, luigis mansion is awesome, the Mario and luigi game rocks, and even his small cameos like in sticker star were amazing. I want them to really give him his shot at the limelight though. A full main 3d and 2d title with him instead of Mario. Maybe it starts with Mario rescuing peach but after the first world instead of the princess being in another castle he rescues her but then gets kidnapped himself. Pull a MGS2 and let luigi get his jump on! Give us something like sunshine but wacky as hell. Luigi always has that comical goofy thing going on (in a good way). Oh whatever we get a whole 2d campaign and mansion game. Good times await.
doogiebear  +   568d ago
How about a new IP instead? I think the Mario cow is running dry. Out of milk tbh.

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