MGS4 For Xbox 360? Not A Chance.

For whatever reason, this rumor just won't die. Xbox 360 owners still believe some sources that said Konami might bring Metal Gear Solid 4 to Microsoft's system, and it just ain't going to happen. PSX Extreme explains why.

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PStriple7033456d ago

if 50gb was not enough, what makes 360 owners think 8 will be enough....

PS360WII3456d ago

another question is if 50gigs is not enough then is BluRay already obsolete?

Personally I just want this game out so I can play that wonderful game!

toughNAME3456d ago

Maybe 2011 isn't soon enough for the next generation of consoles?

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sonarus3456d ago

i am almost 100% sure that mgo is going to be a seperate disc that comes with mgs4. I also hear in the future mgo will become downloadable as psn content. If 360 owners were to ever get mgs my guess is it would be mgo. Which isnt so bad because the game actually looks pretty good

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mikeslemonade3456d ago

It's going to be a PS3 exclusive for a long time. Sony made a deal with Konami in order to make a MGS4 PS3 bundle. So far every game bundled has been 1st party and for Sony to have a 3rd party game bundled with the PS3 it shows that Konami and Sony have this deal going on. Not only is the game bundled Sony is also putting the rumble controller. So there's no way MGS4 will be released on 360 anytime for the first two years of release because Sony realizes MGS is one of the top games on playstation and they will keep it exclusive for a long time.

MikeGdaGod3456d ago

becareful Maddens or you will be banded to the open zone for copy and pasting!!!

and for those that said could be bluray obsolete since 50gb wasn't enough, there are already 100gb and 200gb bluray disk in development.

CrazzyMan3456d ago

MGS4 is a PS3 game.
True nextgen experience.

You don`t have any other games to care? Why so much arguing about port?
Yes, MGS4 is a masterpiece, but ONLY on PS3 you will be able to get FULL experience, NOT anywhere else. Stop it people, LET it GO.

Staircase3456d ago

"Another question is if 50gigs is not enough then is BluRay already obsolete? "

Heaven is obsolete for Kojima.

lukewind3456d ago

You guys are going to feel really dumb when the game launches and they realize that all the space used up on the BD disk was for video and repeating the data multiple times in order to speed up search and load times because of how slow BD discs are. My guess is that the game in general is truly only about 9-10gb. If you don't realize how true that is then u are a blind fanboy just like the people who write these dumb articles.

I am no fanboy, I own a PS3 and can't wait to play MGS4, but just remember that its not that big of a game past the hardcore PS people. It will be lucky to sell 2 million in its first year.

I just love all the dumb fanboy comments because they can't afford all the systems so they have to fight to defend the one they bought because they feel like a fool if they don't. Its just hilarious!

rofldings3456d ago

"another question is if 50gigs is not enough then is BluRay already obsolete? "

Yeah... Except when those 100/200gb discs start rolling out.

CrazzyMan3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

then just say ONE reason,
WHAT makes YOU think, THAT Kojima used/filled Blu-ray disc with some "for video and repeating the data multiple times in order to speed up search and load times", BUT not with GREAT ingame STUFF???

============================= =======
blu-ray disc are slow? That is a BULLSHIT.

2x Blu-ray Drive (72Mbps(9MB/s))
Single Layer (2x CLV) - Constant Linear Velocity (Same speed across entire disk)
Double Layer - Couldn't find any data but no games have been released on a double layer yet.

Entire Blu-ray Disk is read at 9MB/s.

12x DVD-Rom Drive SL (9.25MB/S-15.85MB/s(AVG ~8x(10.57MB/s) DL (4.36MB/s-10.57MB/s(AVG ~6x(7.93MB/s)
SL(DVD-5) 12x Max (5-12x Full CAV) - Constant Angular Velocity (Speed Varies from edge to edge)
DL(DVD-9) 8x Max (3.3-8x Full CAV) - Constant Angular Velocity (Speed Varies from edge to edge)

SL DVD is 1.57MB/s > SL Blu-ray
DL DVD is 1.07MB/s < SL Blu-ray

Majority of 360 games are on DVD-9.
============================= ======

More over, Uncharted has NO loading times and NO HDD install and ONLY on 1 SL BD. How many x360 games have no loadings?
MGS4 is just HUGE. deal with that.

Do you need a facts?

============================= ======
MGS1 was on 2 CD, when most psone game sused only 300-400 mb.
MGS2 was on DVD9, when most ps2 games barely used a DVD.
MGS3 was on 3 DVD.

For NEXTGEN experience, NEXTGEN disc space. And that is GREAT.

lukewind3456d ago


You really need to calm down your fanboy rantings quite a bit. What the hell is this NEXT GEN euphemism really mean anyways. Each system offers its own stable of games an expiriences. To think that one offers a more next gen experience is incredibly dumb. Are you like 8 years old or what? And just so you know. BRD's are slower when it comes to throughput. The fact that uncharted has no loads times only speaks to the developers knowing what to do. The better a dev is the less likely you will see a load time. There are plenty of games on all consoles that have no load times at all.

You really need to open your mind because you are obviously not a real gamer if you are so willing to dismiss any real facts.

MGS4 - WORLDWIDE RELEASE (13 Languages)(13 audio tracks) There have also been a few games so far in the PS3's lifecycle that have used the BD data in a repeat manner in order to reduce seek times. Whether you like it or not Blu_ray is a bit slower. It's not monumentally slower, but it is slower.

Please stop being a moron. I am not bashing the PS3! I was simply letting the blind fanboys know not to take much from the whole "MGS4 too big for BRD" nonsense.

tordavis3456d ago

PS3 developers don't compress data because they don't have to. It could fit on a few discs for the 360 easily.

darkshiz3456d ago

Luke not sell 2 million in a year?
Are you dumb man.

If that crappy overhyped Assassin's Creed sold 2 mill.

CrazzyMan3456d ago

PLAY Uncharted,
PLAY Ratchet,
otherwise, you won`t understand what NEXTGEN experience means.

"BRD's are slower when it comes to throughput."
Are you dumb? Just because some developers doesn`t use proper BD in MULTIPLATFORM games, that doesn`t make BD slow.
For what PS3 exclusive games Blu-ray disc is SLOW???

I just HATE, when people BULLSHITTING like YOU do.

"t's not monumentally slower, but it is slower."
It`s NOT slower then 8x DVD9. Just NOT.

"MGS4 - WORLDWIDE RELEASE (13 Languages)(13 audio tracks)"
What a n00b.

lukewind3456d ago

I have played all the big titles on the PS3, and they are some great games, but they do nothing different from any similar game on the Wii or 360.

What exactly about uncharted is so mind blowingly "NEXT GEN" The graphics are very well done and its a fun game, but beyond that I have played the exact same game about 30 times over. Pretty much the same with games like GT and R&C. So far we have seen improved graphics and that is about it, and its pretty much that way with the 360.

Each system has some truly amazing games and I really don't understand why you are dumb enough to think that smaller disk size means that a game would be any less fun. That is just a cry of the fanboy. If a dev truly wants to bring the game to the 360 they could probably do it. It obviously not about the graphics, they are great, but nothing either system couldn't do without a core behind its back.

It is people like you that make me really sick. If you can come up with 5 "NEXT GEN" features from your list of games that cannot be accomplished on another system then maybe I would take anything you say seriously. But since any smart person can see that you have some serious issues as a fake gamer, yes you are a fake gamer, we all know that the list will have some pretty funny things on it.

I play a game because it is good not because I believe the hype machine. I play my 360 for shooters and online games because neither the PS3 or Wii does the genre right. I play action titles on the PS3 because I think they play a bit better, but I am always open to playing any game on any console, and so should you be. I am sorry that you are too immature to understand grown up concepts and math, but in the end you are just another pathetic fanboy. The scourge of the gaming world, just remember that they aren't laughing with you they are laughing at you!

marionz3456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

its all a marketing spin, 50gb not enough, its just like when they say a game can only be doen on a certain console, or that game on ps3, cant remember what one it was but they were saying how much space it took up and it was only because it was full of empty data and nothing was compressed, same thing will apply to mgs4.
if it comes to 360 great, but im not going to cry in my cornflakes if it doesnt, i liked the first mgs but never got into the sequels, its an average game with a spectacularly loopy story, characters are kinda cool tho.
all this talk of how ps3 games are better because they are on bluray is just pathetic, 360 has more then its share of quality games, and im sure mgs will be forgotten pretty quickly after gow2 comes out.
and to the people that keep saying ps3 is true next gen because of uncharted and r&c im sorry but ive seen better on 360 so does that mean 360 is true next gen? both consoles have their share of great games, i couldnt give a damn about the console aslong as the games and online content are good enough to make me want to keep on playing, alot of people on this site really need to grow up

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ryuyasho3455d ago

but if I remember correctly, both MGS 2 and 3 were DVD-5s. i know this because I burned both of'em into regular DVD-5s with no prob nor downgrade or any sh!t. even MGS2:Subs is a DVD-5 and MGS3:Subs is 2 DVD-5 discs. now as for MGS4... thats madness and wouldn't be surprise if they say that they'll make MGS4 into 2 BRDs and MGO as a 3rd Disc... i dont know.

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Bloodshedder3455d ago

your crazy man who knows all of that? only a crazy man!

dhammalama3455d ago

Do you, or do you not think that having 50gb of storage space on a single disc will allow new development opportunities?

Why did we need to move from CD to DVD?

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conjurdevil3456d ago

Well I am not truely sure but I have seen companies making quad layer Blu-Ray (200GB) and stuff like that so space wont be an issue in blu-ray thats for sure

PS360WII3456d ago

:) that's cool. I'd love to see a movie collection on one of those! Like a Stanley Kubrick collection everyone on one disc. I'd buy that easily

falconm803456d ago

Quad layer will hold 100gb ( each layer holds 25 gb )

Electricear3456d ago

that can make current dual layer Blu-ray players handle 50Gb per layer. This firmware patch would mean a ps3 could potentially see 100gb disc's in the future. Quad layer discs are out of the question for the ps3 though as the drive is only a dual layer drive. Hitachi is currently trying to adapt it so they can get 100Gb per layer on a Blu-ray disc as well, but have not succeeded yet. If they manage to get that working it would mean 200Gb dual layer ps3 discs in the future. To my knowledge the Blu-ray committee has not approved the patch for use yet, but the potential is there.

Guwapo773456d ago (Edited 3456d ago )

I just went though this in another thread.

100gig disk have 4 layers at 25 gigs each.

200gig disk have 6 layers at 33.6 gigs each.

This is what is currently available. As tech matures I'm sure we'll see more gigs per layer.

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Kaz Hirai3456d ago

What have you done to EARN the right to play it?
Surely Halo and Gears of War and Halo and Gears of War and Halo and Gears of War is enough to keep you GREEDY HOGS busy?


SUP3R3456d ago

Comedy at it's best that was one of your funniest so far.
*bubbles as usual*

Blademask3456d ago

Youve got:

HALO (unnamed project)
Too Human
Banjo kazooie
Splinter Cell
Too Human
Lost Odyssey
Mass Effect
Gears of War 2

Wait, is mass effect launching on the PC? Nevermind... Guess you have to take that off the list. Gears 2 will be PC as well i'm sure, the first one was.

But dont worry because you ahve more epic titles like:

Resident evil 5
Grand Theft Auto

Wait, those are multiplats too.

What does the 360 have again?

Oh Forgot to add VaporWare Alan wake..

Which had the worlds MOST AMAZING TECH DEMO RAN ON A PC 5 years ago.


MailMan3456d ago
----------------------------- ------------------------------- ----------
And ONE more:


Comment number 21:
"metal gear is a brillent game and worthy of illuminating every gamer on every possible consule, therefor spreading the fanbase and make alot more people antisapate the release of the movie nearly twicefold!"

Xbots,what MORE is there to SAY ^ ?

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

MiniMii3456d ago

That line up you summed, is a tiny line up.

In fact, its barely better than Nintendos line up and Nintendo only got 2 games this game. Brawl and Cart.

Aint that the ugly truth. Your 'line up' stinks.