The Collector's Habit

MoarPowah's Tarabisu discusses the idea of game collecting. What drives one to become a collector? What does it mean for video game history? And what about the value of digital collections?

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TheDivine1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Good article. I recently started buying the games I wanted more for my collection than for gaming although they do go hand in hand sometimes. Lately I'd rather buy an older title I missed like Valkyria Chronicles or Radiant Dawn then something I might get more instant gratification from like Dead Space 3 or newer titles. Part of that is I'm sick of wasting cash on a game that I can rent and beat or buy down the road for a fifth of the cost. These newer games won't be rare, hold value, and I won't ever want to return to them. Something like TWEWY I will want to have forever. I'm also making up for selling all my gamecube and earlier gen titles. Kind of pricey rebuilding but its the other half to my hobby and its better than blowing my money on beer and ciggaretts. There's an immense satisfaction to seeing a shelf full of titles that can only be bought for upwards of a hundred bucks used on eBay. Same reason women collect shoes they will never wear, kids collect baseball cards or Pokemon, nerds collect anime statues/figurines, and why old lady's collect hallmark figurines. Sometimes the thrill of finding something really hard to find or that one missing piece you've wanted for a long time is better than actually owing it or using/playing it.

DD is the antithesis to game collecting. No value, no resale, no boxes, manuals, exc. I skipped most psp titles due to hating umd's and I can't collect psn games. I wind up only buying a small few I really want to play vs collecting a ton. I prefer cartridges for handheld titles. I really fear for what's to come from Sony and MS next gen. With Sony's push for cloud gaming its even worse than dd because its not even on your system. I realize they will sell full titles also but this is the endgame and final goal. Services with a monthly sub. Il still play on them but inevitably will wind up buying more titles for handhelds and wii-u if this is the future from the other two consoles. DD only works when its dirt cheap like steam sales or the App Store. I don't mind wasting 5 bucks for something on my HD but there's 5 year old psp games for 25 bucks on psn still. Without a physical copy that's a hard sell.

Kalowest1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

At the moment I buy any game that's cheap, as long as it looks good. I also don't consider DD as part of my game collection. I also collect manga and anime.

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