Top 10 Third-Party Wii Games

With the end of the Nintendo Wii's development cycle approaching, let's take a look back at the best third-party titles the system offers.

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AztecFalcon1914d ago

I had so much fun with Madworld.

SubtextDK1914d ago

Me too. I still play it from time to time.

deafdani1913d ago

Despite whatever the author of the article says, Xenoblade shouldn't be on this list. Yes, it's an AMAZING game, but it's not even second party, it's first party, because Monolith Soft is 100% owned by Nintendo now. So, it has no place in a list focusing on third party games.

MNGamer-N1913d ago

I liked DeBlob... the first one. It was a fun unique game.

zinger_AU1913d ago

yeah deblob was cool. i liked Night Journey of Dreams as well. also boom blox bash party was under rated. that game is frigging amazing.