Why PS4 Dropping Audio CD’s Is Good For The Music Industry

Gary at writes: Kotaku yesterday posted a translated tweet from a Japanese journalist which apparently reveals that the Playstation 4 won’t support CD’s or Super Audio CD’s. Whether this tidbit of information is true or not, it seems that some people are unhappy with the news. However I personally believe that eliminating the use of audio CD’s would be a great direction for the next gen consoles to take, and here’s why..

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Hellsvacancy1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

I can see why theyve dropped old skool CD support, A friend of mine came over ages ago (when I had my phat PS3) with his entire Unkle collection, I ripped them all to my PS3 in less than an hour, awesome, my PS3 died a month or two later, I didnt back it up neither

I know PCs can do the same thing, its just a matter of time now until cds go the same way vhs tapes did

Edit: I have since purchased the "best" of what I think Unkle has done off iTunes, so theyve had my money

jujubee881789d ago

Ripping an entire playlist of lossless audio onto one big bluray, popping it into a PS4, hooking that up to your sound system seems like the future.

And also cloud stuff is convenient, but it all becomes compressed and loses the audio/video quality of the original. Whereas bluray totally retains as much of the original bits of the source (from which it was recorded).

The only transition now seems to lie on car sound systems. But, a lot of car manufacturers lately offer either a CD or MP3 option to a car. Hopefully, that adds blueray audio (if not already).

dedicatedtogamers1789d ago

It's a sign that (hopefully) Sony will focus on making the PS4 a gaming/social console and not a do-everything media box.

Besides, who uploads music with a CD, anyway? 2007 called: USB flash drive, suckas!

EbeneezerGoode1789d ago



Sorry for shouting but this streaming music bs really fucks me off. It removes income from an already starved artist finances and gives it all to the top 10% record companies. Small guys and indies get next to nothing.

Kaneda1789d ago

Your PS3 died or your HD died? If your PS3 you still can get the content of your HD..

Majors1789d ago

Dont think there is a way unless he gets his ps3 fixed.. Put the drive in another ps3 and itll format it, put the drive in a PC and it cant read the contents.

rdgneoz31789d ago

@Majors Not true about putting it in another system. My old PS3 died and I got a new one. I can pop the old HD with all the PS+ and other games on it into the new system, and play it fine without it reformatting it.

But sadly as you sad, a PC can't read it at all.

3-4-51789d ago

not sure if you could on PS3 but on Xbox 360 I loved loading my own music onto the HD. That way, when a game has a terrible soundtrack, I can listen to my own music.

I would hope Sony would allow people to at least upload their own music via USB or something.

hazardman1789d ago

No PS3 does not have that feature. Some games give you option tho.

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Good_Guy_Jamal1789d ago

Well of course almost anything can be spun into a positive if you try hard enough. I still buy cd's. Maybe I'm too old school but I like having the darn things

-GametimeUK-1789d ago

Same here. When I want to show love for someone I am a big fan of I usually buy the physical CD. I just feel like I truly own what I payed for.

The same people who are saying "CD's are old school, nobody wants them, blahhh blahhh" are going to be complaining when digital distribution of their games becomes main priority.

EbeneezerGoode1789d ago

I also love to own the CD of the bands I love. Something physical and tangible even if I choose to rip it to my iPod afterwards (obviously).

Even lossless downloads aren't so bad, but streaming without paying for it properly? it only pays the Lady Gaga's of this world (and who wants that?)

rainslacker1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

DD proponents like to ignore those like us that prefer physical copies of things. I still buy CD's, and it is my main source for music consumption.

Despite what they want to believe, physical consumption of media is still a huge part of all media industries, and there are more people than not that want to have physical products, either because it means ownership, or because they lack the resources to consume it in other manners, or because physical copies have more quality and content available.

DD has it's place, and I welcome it's place in the market, but what I don't like is being pushed towards services which eliminate my choice, particularly when they aren't up to par with the better choices that physical actually offers in quality and content.

Edit: This actual decision, if true, wouldn't bother me personally as I don't use my game machine to play CD's, but it still seems like it's unwarranted since I'm sure there are people that do.

To those saying they haven't brought a CD in ages, realize that you aren't the entire market, and no one should ever welcome features being stripped out, even if it doesn't affect them. You may not care about this decision, but that doesn't mean that you won't care about another one that comes along later. How would you feel if people told you the same thing when a valued feature to you was no longer available?

riverstars861789d ago

That's like saying, taking disc drives out of consoles is good for the game industry. Dumb article

SwiffEpics1789d ago

That's not the same thing.

Majors1789d ago

youre right its totally different

The Meerkat1789d ago

Haven't bought a CD since the 90's.

Couldn't care less that the PS4 doesn't play them. Just like I couldn't care that my fridge doesn't play VHS and my microwave isn't compatible with a 12" LP.

lovegames7181789d ago

Havent touched a Cd in ages. Like really what are you guys like 70? jking. Pulling a CD out now is like pulling out an 8 trac cartridge for music lol

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