Why Sony’s Being Smart By Releasing Gran Turismo 6 On PS3 Rather Than PS4

TSA: "So whilst we’d all like a PlayStation 4 Gran Turismo down the line, perhaps now isn’t the best timeslot for it. Get another PS3 game out there, let Driveclub bring in the punters and then allow Polyphony to work their automotive magic buoyed by a huge pile content (that’s likely being built with future platforms in mind) that’s easily transferred over. Yeah?"

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TheLyonKing1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

simple; bigger install base

ArmGunar1789d ago

Yep and if Drive Club releases a little while after PS4 release, GT6 won't kill sales of Drive Club ^^

But GT7 will only release in 2015-2016 :(

miyamoto1789d ago

still playing GT5 today....DClub will act like a prologue for GT7 unless GT6 is a PS3 and PS4 game.

MikeMyers1789d ago

It took Polyphony a long long time to get GT5 on the PS3. This will make GT6 much easier and quicker for them. So why waste all that time learning the hardware only to move onto new hardware and start all over again with a smaller userbase to sell to? We all know they will support the PS4 and GT will sell well no matter what time of the year or how many years after the PS4 comes out. It will also help Sony continue to sell PS3 hardware which will likely give them more revenue than the PS4 which might be sold at a loss.

chazjamie1789d ago

i feel as if my ps 3 deserves a proper gt game.

Spoon_1789d ago

Gt5 was so restricted by the ps3 hardware limits now pd has more power for GT6 to do what they really want to do and they still want to use the ps3 instead. Am i the only one WHO looks forward for progression

Jaqen_Hghar1789d ago

A man has confidence GT7 will have a shorter development time than GT5. A man knows PS4 hardware is easier to program for. A studio should have an easier time next gen.

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jimbobwahey1789d ago

As a counterpoint to the install base argument, I'd like to point out that Gran Turismo 3 was released a year after the launch of the PS2 and is the best-selling game in the franchise, selling just under 15 million copies.

Gran Turismo 4 was released much later in the life of the PS2 when the install base was considerably larger and only sold 11.4 million copies.

darthv721789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

perhaps sales of 4 were less in comparison to 3 because the diversity of the install base at the time.

Meaning those who bought 3 didnt automatically buy 4 because they had more to choose from in regards to games of varying types.

It was like how the 1st sold to great numbers (11 mil+)but the 2nd didnt sell to the same (9 mil+). Then here comes 3 (the first release on PS2) which eclipsed the 1st and 2nd (almost 15 mil) only to see the 4th sell just slightly better than the 1st (closer to 12 mil).

The 5th still has time to sell but right now it is sitting just shy of the 9 mil mark. The 6th 'should' sell to the same if not better than the 5th as the install base between the 5th and 6th has increased.

But that is dependent on the content and how different it is compared to the previous release. In some cases, if there isnt very much to differentiate one from another, people will tend to not invest in the new simply because they are content with what they have.

although, at this stage of things, it makes more sense to extend the relevance of the 5th game by expanding on the amount of content made available for it. Save the 6th game for the PS4 if they want to try and generate GT3 type of numbers again.

It could be the system seller like GT3 was for PS2.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

Is this what it's coming to always the same excuse saying PS4 want have an install base so it's smart to release in PS3? Well in that case PS4 wouldn't get any games. I'd much rather play GT5 with amazing graphics and improved physics and realism on PS4 than slightly better than GT5 on PS3. Drive Club could be the answer to this but not for years. I wonder if we could stream GT6 to PS4? Oh well either way it's great to have these amazing exclusive games.

Chidori1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

This happens all the time dude. New consoles always need some time to get started. The best 1st party games RARELY ever are released at launch. The ps3 is still kicking ass. The ps4 will have it's time in the next few years. This is exactly why I think all the negativity towards Nintendo is dumb. With barely any 1st party support for the system thus far, did people really expect it to sell like hot cakes? No Mario Kart, no 3D Mario, no Zelda, no Metroid, no Donkey Kong, no Smash Bros and the list goes on. Even Wii Fit U. All these games are massive system sellers. There really isn't much of a reason for the masses to run out and get a Wii U right now. Iv'e always been a big Nintendo fan, but there hasn't been any MUST OWN games released for the system yet so I haven't bought one. My ps3 continues to provide my gaming needs. Monster Hunter Ultimate is my system seller though. With time, more and more system sellers will be released and sales will inevitably pick up. The ps3 had a pretty bad start in the beginning because of it's high price and lack of games, but now it's neck to neck with the 360 in terms of sales. There's always a future to look forward to with these consoles. It's stupid to determine the success (or failure) of a console based on it's first few months of release. The sales of the Wii U lagging just a bit behind that of the Wii is a good sign. I personally got the Wii at launch for Twilight Princess. There's nothing like Twilight Princess available on the Wii U right now, but there will be in the future. Nintendo's 1st party games are some of the most powerful within the industry and you would be a fool to deny that. They print money.

BACK ON TOPIC: There's always a future to look forward to. We get GT5 soon, Drive Club later, and GT6 to blow minds in the future. Gamers these days really are too spoiled. GT 3 selling more than GT 4 is likely due to piracy. There probably won't ever be a system to surpass the launch sales of the Wii while the lifetime sales of ps2 will forever remain king as a home console. The industry has changed a lot since then. No longer are video games as prominent as they once were because of the rise of smart phones and tablets. Millions of kids and adults alike are likely to choose the next apple product over the ps4 and the nextbox. Not everyone is a hardcore gamer. An avid gamer of two generations ago could be an Apple junkie now. That's why our video games are becoming so social and casual friendly. The big 3 are losing customers and they know it. That same little girl that begged her parents for an xbox with kinect for Dance Dance Revolution last Christmas probably got an Ipad for her birthday before. Without Kinect and Dance Dance revolution, she wouldn't even care about the xbox.

Sony's decision to release GT 5 on the ps3 is clearly because they expect the ps4 to have a "slow" start like every other console released ever. With an install base of 70 mill+, a ps3 version is the better business choice. Let's also take into consideration how important it is for developers to have time with a new console. A ps4 Gran Turismo 3-5 years from now is surely to be superior to a launch ps4 Gran Turismo in every possible way. So if graphics and improved physics are really your concern, the wait for GT 6 should be in your best interest.

SynGamer1789d ago

@Spoon_ - It's the same situation as GT3 and GT4. GT3 was OK, but GT4 was simply amazing...and that's because PD built a new engine for GT3 and that took time. For GT4 they were able to simply improve upon what they had already created.

So GT5 is the base (a good base!) and GT6 will improve upon all of that. You could easily compare it to the Uncharted series as well. First game was amazing, yet Naughty Dog some how managed to improve upon nearly EVERYTHING with the sequels. Just look at how amazing Uncharted 3 was.

I'm sure GT7 will be much easier for PD to get up and running for the PS4, especially if their current car assets are high-resolution.

DeadlyFire1788d ago

I am doubtful anything from Sony releases only on PS3 in Q3-Q4 2013.

Sure yea the install base is higher on PS3. Why not have two versions of the game then. A small dent in dev costs, but still overall they should sell exceptionally well over the long run.

Sony could go into overkill with PS4 exclusives at E3. By my count I expect 12-20+ exclusive PS4 games revealed for 2013/2014. PS3 had 20 or so announced when it came about at E3. :P

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WilliamH1789d ago

I don't think it's a good idea. The PS4 needs a strong launch title and I don't think there would be a title stronger than GT6.

listenkids1789d ago

I agree and disagree, due to the obvious reason of install base above all. Come E3 we may get some big hits, Square will come out with FF15 or Versus news for PS4. Santa Monica could be working on a new IP and Naughty Dog could always bring us Uncharted 4.

Roll on E3.

SAE1789d ago

Gt6 have potential to evolve. Why limit it when they can make the best sim ever made?. That's why i don't believe this. Sony is smart. Gt is a system seller too so they are making it for the ps4 but they will take advantage of the user base of the ps3 and release it to the ps3 for money and for the users that's not gonna take the ps4.

So sony will win both sides instead of one.

Baka-akaB1789d ago

Even if gt6 was to be a ps4 only title it's unlikely you could ely on it being a launch title anyway .

EbeneezerGoode1789d ago

I agree.

GT6 should be PS4. Obviously. GT5 barely scraped through on PS3 tech, GT6 is unneeded on PS3 with most hardcore gamers going after PS4 asap.

As for sales, sure from a sales POV PD will release on the console that has already sold millions. Doesn't do the PS4 any favours though, seems like a strange move indeed. May even hold a few back from BUYING PS4 because the "BIG NAME" release in on the PS3!

I can't see it being graphically that much of an upgrade, if at all, on PS3s limited tech.

Sony were in a position to actually launch it's most popular franchise at the same time as the PS4? and they chose not to?

The only way I can see that making sense is if there is a 'better version' for PS4, otherwise I feel it's a mis-step as far as promoting the PS4 with a strong launch line up goes.

Drive club doesn't count. Drive club, as good as it may/may not be.. is NOT Gran Turismo - THE name synonymous with Play Station racing!

And what does this mean for PS4 if GT6 doesn't appear on it?? How long do PS4 owners have to wait? As long as PS3 owners waited for GT5? I hope not because that was a big mistake for Sony.

SynGamer1789d ago

Drive Club. Why would Sony premiere the game at their press event only to have it overshadowed by GT6 at E3 or something? That's just bad business for Sony and 3rd-party. Sony is smart. PD has been working on GT6 ever since GT5 shipped. It's been being worked on for the PS3 since day one and PD can now work on improving upon what they already built for the GT5 engine. It's simply a matter of PD are perfectionists and I don't see them building a new engine AND getting the game ready in-time for the PS4 launch. 2014-2015 sounds far more realistic and by then the install base should be well-founded.

EbeneezerGoode1789d ago

@syngamer, well that's not my problem. It's Sony's. Anyone could have told them they NEED A gran turismo to get next gen sewn up from the off.

If they had NO GT6 that wouldn't be so bad? but to release it on PS3 AFTER PS4 is launched? THAT is bad business and a bit of a head scratcher.

As for Drive Club - it's not gran turismo and Sony should know that. (I may even end up preferring drive club, it looks cool but the GT franchise is MASSIVE for sony)

_-EDMIX-_1788d ago

That by no means is "bad business". They released God Of War II on PS2 AFTER PS3 released and it did 4 million units.

What you don't get, is your too busy counting unit numbers and not counting developmental time minus returns.

ie GT6 release this year, and maybe in 3 years we get a GT7 on PS4, vs GT6 coming out in 2015 and no GT6 on PS3 to give the company profit.

GT6 on PS3 = 2 years with engine already made, can sell over 7 plus million in sales, raise install base, comes out in 2013. (mind you all while having another team make GT7's engine, so minus 1 year for what it would had took to make GT7 for the start on PS4) (so..GT7 could come out around 2015-2016)

GT6 PS4 = 5 years with engine being made already after mid 2011 ( can PD make a GT game with no dev kits?) So...GT6 would be out in 2016 with no profit from GT6 (ie a PS3 version)

Now what needs to be understood, is that they can be making an engine and not even start development on the core game for almost 2 years or so. Now if the team making the actual game isn't make the actual engine....why on earth should they waste the time NOT make GT6 on PS3?

So......make GT6 on PS4 and just ignore they have..

1. An already built engine.

2. They have to make an engine for GT7 or a engine for PS4 so to speak either way, regardless of what happens with GT6, an engine will be made, but not with the core development team.

3. That by the time they are done, it would actually STILL be the same amount of time it would had been had they had released GT6 on PS3.

Look at it this way.

PD developemt tean and PD engine team are different.

PD development team are making GT6 in 2 years (if not less) and can make it in 2 years because the engine is already done.

PD Engine team will take 3 to 4 years to make a GT engine and the PD team will take 2 years to make the game.

ie, GT4 came out ending of 2004, PD engine team spent 4 years making an engine, PD develpment team spent 2 years making a game on that engine, thus GT5 releases in 2010. Now none of this is backed up by anything other then a educated guess. Now even if I"m wrong on the whole teams thing, I'm not wrong on how long it takes to make a GT game and how fast it takes to make its sequal on the same system.

Knowing how long it takes to make a launch GT, either way, its right for Sony to make it on PS3. Just based on that PD is working on a engine while still make GT6 anyway.

also, the only way GT6 is a launch game on PS4, is if PD went back in time and started working on an engine for system that didn't exist. Its not going to be a launch game, not in anyone's wildest dreams.

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jay21789d ago

It's coming because they'res another 2-3 yrs of PS3 life, that's the only reason,

_-EDMIX-_1788d ago

That and there has always been 2 GT's on a PS system and Sony would be stupid to just waste an engine on a single game.

GT6 is a whole lot of money for PS3 and Sony, theres a reason why Sony owns a lot of teams. I'm buying Drive Club DAY 1 on PS4 and I"m still buying GT6. And trust me, GT6 on PS3 is way better then a rushed GT6 on PS4.

clintagious6501789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

I do understand your pain but in a business way its a very smart move by sony because what will be the use of Drive Club if GT6 is going to launch with it, that would kill any momentum for Drive Club & would be a waste of millions on a new ip.

Gamesgbkiller1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

Its a bad move if they release GT6 on PS4 on lunch.
I think Driveclub is enough for the lunch.
Wait few more years for the next GT makes sense.
I mean look .. they are nearly the same.

SAE1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

Driveclub is not a sim so i don't like how you guys talk like if it will be effected by GT or will satisfy GT fans until GT6 released. Sony can bring both. Why think like that guys?.

Kaz already said Gt6 won't take 5 years like Gt5 . Why people get back to the same talk -.-