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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Despite it being milked it's still a one of a kind game. I am surprised after all the years of success no assassins creed clones. Very weird for the console industry.

The 10th Rider2090d ago

Well, the way I see it Assassin's Creed basically started off as a reinvention of Prince of Persia gameplay. That's what disappoints me the most about Assassin's Creed. I think the reason Prince of Persia is on hiatus is because it's main competitor would be Assassin's Creed, which now seems to be an annual release.

gedapeleda2090d ago

It's milked but I still like it.
Mainly for the historic atmosphere, architecture etc.What I like about this one is that it's set in caribbean and i kinda had a feeling that some day we will have ac there.No body really tried making games in this kind of setting

lastdual2090d ago

I can.

The last few AC titles have suffered heavily from "feature creep", bogging down the great pacing that they achieved in AC2. Unless AC4 takes the series back in a sleeker direction, I'll be waiting for it to hit the bargain bin.

Blacktric2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

6 home console game releases in one generation...


GameSpawn2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

I'm afraid that the AC franchise is turning into Call of Duty. They're popping out another variation every 6-12 months and it keeps getting slightly "upgraded" (in their eyes) and more watered down compared to the original.

Seriously, the series has been downhill since ACII. I liked ACII because it was the perfect formula. It had just enough of what was fun from the original with just enough "new" features to make the game interesting. With Brotherhood, Revelations, and ACIII they just had to keep adding more "features" that just made the game less fun.

Yahtzee hits the nail on the head with ACIII with what I think has become of the series:

Assassin's Creed has become less about the actual assassination and more about the damned mini-games or doing missions one exacting way. In the first games you could complete a mission and its bonus objectives (if any) an infinite number of ways meaning every person could approach the game however they wanted, be it using pure stealth and taking people out like a ghost (my preferred way) to going balls out and slaughtering every damned guard that crosses your path for the world to see.

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Rampaged Death2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Ugh ! After the disappointment of the last game I was hoping they would take a break for a year or so.

Baka-akaB2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Technically if the game is coming in 2014 , they are taking said year of break ...

No way it will launch concurrently to Watch dogs

FarCryLover1822090d ago

It is more than likely coming Fall 2013. Watch Dogs is likely to be delayed.

Baka-akaB2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

I very much doubt that . Watch dogs sounds way too advanced in works and confirmed in 2013 . Plus it's most likely a launch ps4/720 title

We got nothing yet on AC 4 and they'd leave it room to breath .

FarCryLover1822090d ago

Well it is Ubisoft though, most of their games not titled "Assassin's Creed" or "Just Dance" get delayed.

Splinter Cell 5- Delayed by years
Splinter Cell 4- Delayed 7 months
Far Cry 3- Delayed few months
Ghost Recon Future Solider- Delayed by years
Rayman Legends- Delayed by months and months

etc. etc...

Baka-akaB2090d ago

Well none of those games were from the assassin Creed main team , like Watchdogs comprised of a good portion of said team .

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Lionalliance2090d ago

Theres always a different ubisoft studio making new AC.

TheEnigma3132090d ago

I'm a lil burned out on AC games. They're good, but growing kinda stale.

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ThyMagicSword2090d ago

Fish! Just put the right bait on the fishing pole and swooop, you will have a lot of fish!

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