Razer Edge gaming tablet starts at $1,000, pre-orders begin March 1

A favorite of ours from CES, the tablet hardcore gamers have been waiting for is almost here. Razer is taking pre-orders for the Edge and Edge Pro tablets on Friday, March 1 for an end-of-the-month delivery date. Unfortunately, pre-orders are only in America and Canada; those in Europe and Asia will have to sit tight for the Edges’ international release.

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Snookies121997d ago

I'm sorry, but LOL! There is no way in hell I'd pay that much for something like this... I'll stick with the Vita and 3DS for my portable gaming needs.

ChronoJoe1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

For $250, you can snap the tablet into a gamepad controller that adds physical control buttons to make it easier to play button-smashers