6 Things We All Did While Playing Football Games In The 90s

WC: The 90s: The decade in which gaming got serious and we began to see the massive amounts of data and crisp 3D graphics in games that pioneered the way towards the excellent modern gaming experiences we have today. It also happens to be the decade in which I went from being 7 years old to 17 years old, which was definitely the most hardcore gaming period of my life thus far.

Football games were the main source of my entertainment. I would spend night after night carving out an imaginary managerial career on the original Championship Manager titles and scoring spectacular goals on the first instalments of the still-popular FIFA series.

While the basis for the games we play today was there, the quality was obviously far inferior as a whole, but they still created fond memories for millions of gamers worldwide.

Here are 6 things that EVERYONE who played football gaming titles in the 1990s definitely did.

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2pacalypsenow1998d ago

I remember playing fifa worldup 98 on the N64 and taking out the goalie lol Fun times

LightofDarkness1997d ago

Punching a player halfway across the pitch in FIFA '95. Oh yes.

Plus, almost all of this list.