The PlayStation 4 User Interface Analysis

Let’s go over the user interface of the PlayStation 4 and see what hidden features it might have. The PS4 is all about the social experience and done right this can certainly be a game changer.

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ArmGunar1965d ago

I like this new interface !

It seems faster than XMB and it looks nice !
Join the game is pretty good instead of the system of invitation which is pretty slow

The " Live News " is also great, that makes me feel like playing and with my friends.
It looks like " alive " even if few people can dislike this kind of " social network "

It's very hard to develop an OS and that's a big step for the future PS4's owners, that's great !

Makasu1965d ago

I agree! I wonder what the main "XMB" interface will look like though, where you see all your games, videos, friends etc.

1965d ago
dumahim1965d ago

I hope they keep it somewhat similar to what it is now. I love the ease and simplicity of it on the PS3. I don't need my screen filled with a bunch of stuff.

ATi_Elite1965d ago

That's a Pretty cool interface!

I really like the "Stream" Feature that allows you to Stream your Games Live directly from a PS4 as PC Gamers have been Streaming for years and current Gen Console Gamers needed a PC and capture card to Stream!

Now I see why so much Ram was stuck in the PS4!!!

Some Nice Features!

Makasu1965d ago

Haha yeah, those 8GB will come in handy for sure!

Jaqen_Hghar1965d ago

A man is looking forward to immediate store opening and app switching with 8gb of GDDR5 memory. A man will expect near instantaneous loading for the UI in a console. A man also likes "sleep mode" as a man can come back from class and restart his session immediately. A man will get a PS4 launch day (a man's first launch system).

Zha1tan1965d ago

Will have to see what it looks like in game and for the love of god SONY please allow cross game chat so I don't have to prehistorically text message people to communicate with them.

Fishy Fingers1965d ago

Pretty sure they already confirmed cross game chat already. The Vita has it, I assume the only reason the PS3 didn't is that the feature was an after thought at the time and they didn't have the resources required to implement it later through a FW update.

Evil-snuggles1965d ago

sony confirm ps4 will have cross chat

colonel1791965d ago

There wasn't an afterthought though. They showed it when they first revealed the PS3, when they also showed the PSP as a rearview mirror for F1. I think the problem was the limitation of the hardware to run the OS while in game.

They showed their vision but the hardware of the PS3 was, ironically, limited for cross game chat.

Too good that the PS4 will have its own chip to handle all that stuff, so it doesn't limit games and slow the interface when in game.

T21965d ago

Not sure how you got disagrees there, im a ps fan but party chat is useful, period.

Zha1tan1964d ago

because n4g is full of petty people who are religious fanatics over their chosen hardware

ThyMagicSword1965d ago

Put the right bait on the fishing pole and swooop, youll have a a lot of fish!

supremacy1965d ago

I hope voice msgs are in, they should add video msgs as well. For example, under your profile picture there should be icons/tabs for voicemails,text messages, and yes even video messages. They could place a cap on the lengh of the voice and video messages to save precious space.

Also, They should expand on the trophy system. Make it more competitive...

Like add a ranking system to the level system. Example for every 5 or 10 levels you earn a universal gaming rank others could see under or next to your psn id, this rank can and should ofcourse be also represented by medal or symbol of some sort. This will in theory encourage the more hardcore of gamers to earn trophies.

GribbleGrunger1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I want to see what the 'top end' interface is. All we've seen so far is what that top end interface can access. Will it be similar to the XMB but in picture form or will it be a completely new approach? I'm hoping for that latter, not because I dislike the XMB at the moment, but because I LOVE change.

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