VGLeaks: Durango CPU Overview

The Durango CPU brings a host of modern micro-architectural performance features to console development. With Durango, a familiar instruction set architecture and high performance silicon mean developers can focus effort on content and features, not micro-optimization. The trend towards more parallel power continues in this hardware; so, an effective strategy for multi-core computing is more important than ever.

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TheLyonKing1970d ago

Really not sure about it, plus it seems like extra cost for not to much extra power.

But thats my thoughts on it

DoesUs1970d ago

It's basically a stock Jaguar, much like the PS4 variant.

BABYLEG1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

500$ Microsoft lay the hammer on next Gen and completely dismantles the competition no matter if the next Xbox is weaker/stronger than the PS4/wiiu. Bookmark this, and come back here. You guys are delusional if you think Microsoft is abandoning gamers.

I can not wait for next Gen for the simple fact that all the people who was talking shit will look so stupid when their almighty powerful game system overestimated the console market and fail.

who else is as hyped for MS as I am. The internet will be very quiet in due time. The rats will crawl back into their hole

Ron_Danger1970d ago

They aren't abandoning gamers since they are still making their usual games for their next console. The problem is with the direction they are heading with their new console (based solely on all the rumors of course.) it seems like they are trying to make an all in one box with their cable like service that is developing. If they really do create an all in one machine, you can't expect them to equally share development focus across the board. After a year or 2 on the market, they'll take whatever service they provide that is the most profitable and make that their main focus. Gamers just need to hope that it's the games portion of their services that remains on top.

otherZinc1970d ago

I agree completely.

Some of you guys say M$ is abandoning gamers, SONY is all about the gamer???
I dont see Killzone making an 11million dollar movie for The Gamer! I dont see SONY creating a team like 343; MILLIONS spent there!

SONY released info of a Kinect like device for the PS4 at the press conference on the 20th & you guys act like no one saw this. You guys act like no one saw that weak Move demonstration. You guys act like no one saw any of this...Move is garbage & we all know this!

SONY has its core games: Uncharted, God Of War, GT, ant thats it that sells good Day 1 numbers without price cuts that Shareholders hate!

M$ has its core games: Halo, Gears, Fable. Million selling Day 1 dominators.

So what if they dont waste money making garbage that doesnt sell.

BABYLEG is right. M$ is going to bring it! Not with hypotheticals, but with a visual 720 console to show, but also with the functionality that they will speak of.

Ron_Danger1970d ago

Shocking that someone with one bubble assumed my comment was anti Microsoft. Trolls from all camps are really getting out of hand on this site.

smashcrashbash1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Yawn. Another fanboy getting antsy because Sony talked about the PS4 first. 'Don't worry Microsoft is going to bring it and beat the PS4.You'll see *tears running down eyes*. We aren't worried but I think you might be. Ever since the PS4 was announced we have been listening to tears coming from all sides insisting you aren't afraid. 'Microsoft is going to bring a psychical console so that will beat the PS4'. PC is still king.PS4 will suck for sure' Wii U can still beat the PS4. I am sure of it'. It's so nice to see that despite all the trash talk you guys say against the PS4 it still has you concerned.The dragon is weak and you are still afraid.

smashcrashbash1970d ago

Wow someone is getting mighty defensive. Microsoft has games that sell crappy just like every other system.Not sure why people always hide behind Halo and Gears and refuse to acknowledge the games that sell like rubbish or even the Kinect games that sell like rubbish.They do 'waste money' as you put it selling garbage that doesn't sell.There is a whole list of it including Kinect game. It's just fanboys make sure and ignore them so it doesn't disrupt their fanboyish deluded state.As soon as we talk about sales you run behind Halo's and Gears skirts and put your fingers in your ears if we even mention the failed games Microsoft has made.

BTW Kinect is garbage too. It's just that Microsoft people were more gullible to fall for Microsoft's con that's all. Kinect games sell like crap and Microsoft uses it for nothing but stupid gimmicks.If you saw Kinect doing what Move was doing with MM you would be cheering them on and attacking anyone who said otherwise but since it is Move you come trash talking it.People cheered on every crap Kinect claimed it could do but no one even cares anymore.No even wants it for the next gen. Did you even look outside your fanboy bubble and see that not even hackers who claimed that Kinect could be hacked to do all sorts of stuff are even doing it anymore? Sorry to bring you back to reality but Kinect is crap too. It's just that Microsoft conned you into buying it better then Sony did with the Move. And talking about not seeing or remembering don't think we have forgot Microsoft's promise to use the Kinect for things besides gimmicks and how it is more accurate then a controller. We are still waiting for it to replace the controller and for the gimmicks to stop. Just because you believed every lie Microsoft told doesn't put you in any position to critize the Move.

Dragos751970d ago

"it seems like they are trying to make an all in one box with their cable like service that is developing."

And sony is doing the exact same thing. They just don't talk about it as much. Sony even bragged that nextflix on PS3 is used more than any other device. Sony wants that living room too. It makes sense because out of the two they are much more of an entertainment company than MS is.

Ron_Danger1970d ago

What you say about Sony is true to some extent. The difference between Sony and Microsoft heading into the next generation, though, is that Sony is sort of partnering themselves with services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, whereas Microsoft created a new studio who's sole purpose is to work on their new "cable" service.

Sony has never been shy about they're multimedia services. The CD player in PS1, DVD player in PS2, and BluRay in PS3 were all selling points to each system. Sony have stated (and clearly shown in their Feb 20th conferance) that they are not changing their focus on gaming. Microsoft on the other hand has yet to make a clear statement on their stance as far as a focus on next gen gaming. So for now we can only speculate and hope that they'll continue their gaming focus, but as the days go on and more (rumored) info comes out, it's getting harder and harder to believe that the next Xbox will be gaming first.

And I'm not disagreeing with you, just want some form of good conversation.

FrigidDARKNESS1970d ago

Dual cpu and gpu with 8 x64 four per cpu. This completely blows the orbis away cant wait to see BF4 on the Durango running on a souped up version of DX-11.

SlyFoxC1970d ago

pretty sure that the 720 and ps4 have the same cpu and gpu...

DoesUs1970d ago

Sly, it's nigh on the same CPU. It's going to be rather disappointing to the MS supporters when the actual machine is unveiled.

SlyFoxC1970d ago

idk i just looked up the CPU in each and here we go

- contains 8 jaguar cores at 1.6 ghz arranged into two clusters
- each cluster contains 4 cores and a shared 2mb L2 cache

720 CPU
- 8 cores running 1.6 ghz
-each module of 4 cores has a 2 MB L2 cache resulting in a total of 4 MB of L2

Huh....that sound like the exact same cpu to me....

the GPU for both are exactly the same also...

greenpowerz1970d ago

VGLeaks seems to be getting lucky with rummored specs.

VGLeaks Orbis was almost dead on before Sony changed some of the specs at their reveal.

Some of these things in that link were dead on just days/weeks befoer Sony's reveal

720 Seems to be a multi taking champ #1

Bumpmapping1970d ago

Same CPU as the PS4 next.

SlyFoxC1970d ago


that is the same CPU as the ps4 which is what i was trying to tell Frigid

it takes 5 seconds to search this stuff...

Both are from the same site so my guess is that we have basically two of the same systems with different ram and different names.

doesnt matter to me tho im getting both

jmac531970d ago

Microsoft built the Xbox brand on core gamers. I doubt that they will let that branding slip away.

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